“… Until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream. ” These powerful words were uttered by Martin Luther King in the midst of the racial unrest in the 1960’s. During this time period many people of the black race were affected with discrimination of all sorts. Now- a -days, crimes once driven solely by hatred for one’s race now stem from opposition to one’s religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. These crimes known as “hate crimes” can be prevented. Solving this problem is not impossible, but something that can unite us as a country.

The dictionary defines a hate crime as “any of various crimes… when motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group (as one based on color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation). ” It can be difficult to distinguish a hate crime from other crimes. Usually, a hate crime is detected by a background investigation of the accused person or eyewitness reports of the crime. In some cases, circumstantial evidence shows the intent of the accused. White supremacy is a current issue in society today. It takes place throughout the world and is a very serious thing.

There are a lot of people who have revolted against these White Power groups. While trying to overthrow or suppress the White Power groups, people may have been beaten or killed in some cases. There are a lot of these groups out there now with thousands of followers. Some White Power groups are only in special areas. Some of these groups are non-violent and try to fight the government for their demands. One of these non-violent groups is W. A. R. White Aryan Resistance. W. A. R. is a group in Arkansas fighting the government for an all white city. Awaken White Americans or our race, heritage, history, and the future of our white children will be forever lost. ”(www. airnet. net/niterider) This message was written from a Klansman Anarchist unnamed in the W. A. R. group. This quote is trying to recruit new members and tell people about their organization. The statement also proves that in a suppressive government people proceed with aggression towards others easily in a society that tries to preach peace, love, and harmony. The other three big white Power Groups are the Nazi’s, Klu Klux Klan or KKK, and Skinheads.

Nazism originated under Hitler’s rule in Germany they are striving to achieve the Arian race that is against everyone except white Protestants. The KKK are a they are against all blacks and Mexicans. The skinhead groups always vary; most skinheads are mainly against the government, blacks, and Mexicans. Nazi’s are the biggest hate groups in the whole world. They mainly still live in Germany and still persecute the Jewish people and any people who try to suppress them. The Nazi’s are the most dangerous group to oppose; they have about two million followers in their organization.

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They also have great numbers of people in the United States. In Germany there are still some stores the Nazi’s will not let Jewish people in. The Klu Klux Klan is the biggest hate group in America. The KKK is mainly a group of people dislike gays and blacks. The Klansman are constantly trying to find recruits they even have their own marches. The big KKK is mainly in the southern states. The KKK has started a religion and it is growing rapidly. The religion is called A. I. E. “The A. I. E. hates all Gays, other religions, blacks/Mexicans, and race mixing so join today”.

This is a slogan that is used by the church and the Imperial Wizard Ricky Draper. The second biggest White power group in America is the skinheads. Skinheads are the craziest White Power group out there. Most skinheads are psychotic punks or anarchist that have no beliefs and hate everyone that believes in god and listens to the government. Skinhead groups today are rising in extreme numbers with the teen population. Skinhead Punks/Anarchists always want to rebel against the government and they don’t listen to rules. Work Cited “News and Views. ” The Insurgent. N. p. , n. d. Web. 26 July 2011.


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