The world has never been the same again because of the introduction of the internet. Everything now happens so fast. With a blink of an eye, one can easily transmit data, communicate or even access information online. However, with great technological advancement come great problems and concerns too. The internet or the “Web” is a virtual facility where anyone can access and transmit information through computers systems. In previous years, the internet was only useful as a passive mode of communication.

A user can simply read, copy and save documents and data online. With the introduction of the Web 2. 0, users have become a part of that virtual system. Anyone can now create his respective place online and share info to other users. Moreover, the web has become an active platform of communication where one can also modify just about anything. Now, the introduction of the Semantic Web ideas intends to “improve” the current condition of the internet and help it reach new levels. Semantic will allow the creation of the Web 3. , which is the combination of passive and active internet transactions between computers, machines and users (Ammari).

Many experts think that Web semantics will drastically improve the retrieval of info online. The internet will be able to understand the pattern, the attitude and the behavior of users, which will make data retrieval and dissemination much faster (Ammari). The machines will be able to understand the natural behavior of users, which will make the internet even more customized to the preferences of each web surfer.

In order to achieve this, much more specific characteristics and info from the users will be used in order to create a completely new database of user transaction patterns. Problem Statement: The more advanced goal of implementing Web Semantic is undeniably very attractive. Web Semantic will reduce the time a user needs to retrieve data, makes the internet more customized therefore more user-friendly, will be able to understand human information needs based on personal data and will make the e-commerce more productive in targeting specific web users.

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The main concern about Web Semantic is that it will not only compromise the privacy of end-users but may also expose highly classified data from government and private institutions. Research Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine whether Semantic Web is a great threat to users’ privacy and whether the benefits of Web Semantic can outweigh this threat. Operational Definitions: User Privacy Threat – Access to one’s data and information without his or her consent; malicious retrieval of user’s personal details due to trickery; accessing user profiles using computer generated commands.

Methodology: Research Design: A meta analysis of research resources will be evaluated and compiled for the purpose of knowing the Web Semantic Benefits VS User Privacy risks. Materials to be considered are books, journals, internet sites and possible experimental data coming from a survey. Data Collection: Data collected from document materials will be used. However, in order to establish a claim, a survey may be needed to evaluate the public’s perception on how they value their privacy more than web improvements. Project Summary:

The Aim of this study is to determine whether Web Semantic benefits can outweigh the Privacy concerns that internet users may be at risk of. The study is of great significance because internet user’s privacy is at stake, which can pose personal, mental, emotional and physical dangers when malicious entities get hold of one’s private information. In general, the outcome of the research may have two contradicting notions, web semantic is beneficial and web semantic is not beneficial. However, the factor that will determine Web Semantics’ integrity will be determined after the survey or data mining procedure is completed.


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