Educational: Tourists not just find
out about the
place they are visiting, they will learn to help sustain its character while
ultimately enriching their own travel experiences. Residents come to learn that
their day-to-day lifestyle can infact be of great interest and value to
outsiders. This is a very interesting way to connect people, make cultural
exchanges and an enlightening experience.


Benefit to the residents: Travel
companies employ, educate and train local people, encourages to purchase organic
locally available supplies, and makes use of the local services.

Preserves resources: Tourists always choose
businesses that limit contamination, less waste, less energy consumption, and
who discourages unnecessary nighttime lighting.

toward quality, not quantity: Communities measure tourism achievement not by
sheer quantities of guests, but rather by length of stay, cash spent, and
nature of experience.

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Respects local culture and tradition: Foreign
visitors get the chance to see and experience  local customs, including using at least a few
courtesy words in the local language. Residents also over the period of time
will come to learn how to deal with foreign expectations that may vary from
their own.

Great trips: Pleased, happy guests
take new understanding, experiences and memories back home and later tell their
experiences to their friends and encourages them to go experience the same
thing – which contributes to continuous business for the destination.

There are expanding proof which shows that an incorporated
approach to tourism planning and management is now very much required to attain
sustainable tourism. It is only recently that there has been a increased
acknowledgment of the significance of consolidating the requirements of traditional
urban management (transport, land usage planning, marketing, economic
development, etc.) with the need to plan for tourism.


These are the most significant principles of sustainable tourism


need to be initiated with the support of community inputs

has to provide quality jobs to its community people and establishment of connection
between the local businesses and tourism must be there.

code of practice needs to be set up for tourism at all levels – national,
regional, and local – based on globally acknowledged standards.

training programs to enhance and oversee legacy and
natural resources ought to be built


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