The word “technology” comes from the Greek word techne which means craft or art. Based on the etymology of the word “technology’, the term educational technology, therefore, refers to the art or craft of responding to our educational needs.

  • Educational technology refers to how people use their inventions and discoveries to satisfy their educational needs and desires, learning.
  •  Educational technology is a complex, integrated process involving people, procedures, ideas, devices, and organization for analyzing problems and deving, implementing, valuating,and human learning.

    Educational technology consists of the designs and environments that engage learners.. and reliable technique or method for engaging learning such as cognltlve learning strategies and critical thlnklng skills. Educational technology is a theory about how problems in human learning are identified and solved.

  • Educational theory is a field study which is concerned with the practice of using educational methods and resources for the ultimate goal of facilitating the learning process
  •  Educational technology Is a field Involved in pplying a complex, integrated process to analyze and solve problems in human learning. Educational technology is a profession like teaching. It is made up of organized effort to implement the theory, intellectual technique and practical application of educational technology.

    * Educational technology Is a broad term. Technology is bane when:  The learner is made to accept as gospel truth information they get grom the Internet

  •  The learner surfs the Internet for pornography. The learners has an un critical mind on Images floating on televisions and omputers that represent modernity and progress
  • The tv makes the learner a mere spectator not an active participant in the drama of life. The learner gets glued to his computer for computer as assisted Instruction unmindful of the world and so falls to develop the ability to relate to others
  • We make use of the Internet to do character assassination of people whom we hardly like * Because of our cell phone we spend most of our time in the classroom or in our work plece texting We use overuse and abuse tv film viewing as a strategy to kill time.