Social status is something to affirm the importance of somebody in society. Somebody think that educational qualifications are the key to get their high social status. From my point of view, we can deny the remarkable influences of education qualifications; nevertheless, it is probably a serious mistake to assert that educational qualifications totally decide one’s social status because of some reasons that this essay are talking about following.Firstly, educational qualifications are purely a standard to evaluate the period of gathering knowledge and they do not evaluate exactly your ability. A small paper qualification cannot express the whole of what inside you, as well how you develop in the future. Obviously, for a social status, an educational qualification can shows that you have knowledge which is appropriate with the social status you want but does not indicate your capability for maintaining and promoting it.Secondly, to get the social status, people must have other elements. Besides knowledge, they need to have skills, experiences, relationships, and other characteristics such as judiciousness, keenness, etc.

In fact, there are a lot of famous people in the world who has had no high education qualifications proved that educational qualifications are not completely decide the social status like Bill Gate or J. K Rowling.They are people who dared to give up their education to pursue their passion. Consequently, they have become the ones who have high statuses and extremely influences on society.

As the female famous writer, J. K Rowling, said that “your qualification, your CV is not your life…”, the educational qualifications do not decide who people are and how society respect them because their characteristics, their personalities are actually the elements decide all those things.