“How My Education is the Key to a Successful Future” (794 words) Education has always been labeled by people throughout time as a necessity, seen as “if you don’t graduate high school you’ll work at fast-food your whole life” or “if you don’t go to college you’ll have a desk job in a little cubical”. Sadly in this modern ever so competitive world of employment this seems to be an unavoidable reality with “improper education”. The truth is education is a huge asset to life, seeing how your education can influence you in many ways may it be social or academic, it really shapes not only life but you as a person.

However some people have made success themselves without the education most of us have and achieve great tings but realistically many people can’t count on that to achieve a reliable future. Hate it or love it how you do academically and what you learn will shape your life but the most important thing is how you deploy these skills or the knowledge you take which would really make success in that dream future but you can’t avoid the fact ‘Education is something you need’. Education teaches us what we need to know what we need to grasp.

Some people take from it while some people take it and more but really education is a commodity that shouldn’t be so overlooked by people. If you see it, usually people succeed when they get the most education as possible, now it isn’t saying enroll in the hardest classes you can find, no it’s taking the time to learn. It’s something to achieve also as a goal not just looked at as a chore, and really it’s more of a benefit of all the time you really spend on it being a major investment, even at some points paying for itself through scholarships.

When kids go to college there choosing something that will take them to the next level in life filled with opportunities and experiences offered to those who grasped their education through their younger years. Although it doesn’t end there it really opens up career paths for people and lets them see what their options are and shows how those years of work and things they’ve learned is already paying off and the amount benefits there are to reap in the future from that, like Aristotle once said “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. .

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The knowledge you take from your education can help you so much in your future and be applied from all subjects to a ease a virtue that many people before weren’t subject to. One would find education one of the most important things in their life, it should be seen as a way to improve themselves as a person and to learn about the world around them. Some things education has given is the perception of why things are and how learning history and science influenced them, you can see the world your own way and understand the mechanics of it all.

That education is hopefully what will teach them most in life, and hopefully it has already. Though there are so many opportunities and chances to increase ones knowledge, It should be noted the need to achieve greatness academically and enrolling in the most rigorous courses and apply one’s self to everything will be recognized in the end and also trying new concepts and hope it lands them somewhere in the future happy and accomplished. Examples of the usefulness of knowledge and years of experience benefiting you in the future is simple.

In the long run its better to be making money off your mind not your actions, think about it, it’s better to make money off maybe a engineering job than risking everything as an athlete or a music artist being that one injury or a failed album can break your whole career while relying off your education you have endless possibilities lined up for you. It’s not like you have to stick to one path of knowledge your whole life they divide up and have huge fields of work within each division.

All of it comes down to your choices, Higher education opens your options and you can do whatever you want with those while lower levels may have their paths it’s not as fruitful. All and all education plays a tremendous role in ones career and life it helps define a person as well as explains there being. It opens careers and lets one’s mind become more creative while consistently offering new ideas and concepts. Education will be something held throughout life and will always be relied upon in the hardest of times to solve the most difficult of problems academic or philosophical. That is how education will help craft a successful future.


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