In my opinion, a good education system Is the most Important element of any developing country. But many people around the word don’t have access to good education system because of a bad economical, political and social situation In their countries. Afghanistan is one of the those countries which doesn’t have a good education system at all. The maln reason Is the three decade war which destroyed everything In this country also the education system.

But there are also some other reasons. For example, we don’t have professional and academic cadre at the head of ur educational Institutions, there Is no specific educational program and we don’t have enough books for students, who can use It and learn from It. Good professional and academic cadre is the guarantee of effectness of every educational system. unfortunately, the big absent of this important element in is very obvious in our education system.

Because during more than three decade war in Afghanistan many educated people migrated to other countries and did not stay in Afghanistan. After the Taliban collapse most of them didn’t return to the country and his means the education system also didn’t progress and keep pace with world standards. We should also concern that there is no government initiative or support to convince those academic professionals to return to Afghanistan and work on development of the educational system.

For example, there is no system to secure their financial side of their work. The salaries are very low and those who are at the head of educational institutions are not familiar with system and for that they do not understand the value of having those academic cadres and professional individuals nside the system. Also we can add that there is no any specific programs to improve the quality of the educational system in general and each subject in particular.

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It means that we don’t have good and professionals groups in the field of education who are able to make a good program and to work on quality of the subjects, which are the maln part of any major In educational system. For example, we dont have good math professors, we don’t have educated group In chemistry. The other thing Is that the availablllty of books Is necessary to ensure good educational system. For example, If students don’t have books to study, than will not able to learn and Improve their knowledge and continue their education.

In Afghanistan, there aren’t enough books for students, For example, two or three students share one books between themselves. The last thing that I can mention in this short essay about the education system in don’t support its develop, when there is no place,where student can study, no availability of books, than how can students achieve their dreams to become a doctor, engineer or teacher and take a part in the building of the future of their country?


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