Edmund WongMrs. KirkebyEnglish 1, Period 112 January, 2018Summary 1 After reading a good portion of the book 1984, written by George Orwell, I get a good understanding of the overall plot of the story. Winston Smith, the main protagonist, is an unimportant official who is part of the Party. The Party is a political regime that controls all of Airstrip One, which was formerly known as England. Smith wants to join the Brotherhood, an organization that opposes the Party. Although he is a member of the ruling class, I believe Smith is still under an absolute political rule. Not only does his telescreen always stay on to display propaganda, but is also a monitor which is used by the Thought Police to oversee the actions and behaviors of all citizens. The residents have little to no privacy. Their current situation can be related to a dictatorship, similar to that of totalitarian Russia. The telescreen mentions a “Ninth Three-Year Plan”, like that of Joseph Stalin’s Five-Year Plan. Writing your thoughts in a book is also considered an act of rebellion. Smith writes in his diary about his thoughts even though he realizes this. O’ Brien, a character he mentions, seems suspicious as he is shown to be extremely against the Party. While he was musing, Smith unconsciously wrote in his diary. He wrote, “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER”. Big Brother is the ruler of Oceania. What Smith wrote is considered an unpardonable crime called thoughtcrime. He could run away for a few years, but he would eventually be caught. Right as he wrote something about being shot in the back of the neck, there was a knock at the door. Through the reading the experiences of other people, I immediately knew that the whoever knocked on his door was not going to be the Thought Police. Once I read the next chapter, the person at the door turned out to be Mrs. Parsons who was a neighbor who needed her sink to be checked. When Smith enters her flat and helps unclog the sink, he is greeted by the Parsons kids. A nine-year old boy comes up to Winston and accuses him of thoughtcrime and traitorism. I was a bit surprised that he would know. The story later reveals her kid is part of the Junior Spies, an organization of kids that monitor adults and watch them for signs of disloyalty to the party. Before reading 1984, I thought this would be every other book about


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