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Early morning yesterday, Santiago Nasar was brutally murdered by two brothers who sought to avenge their sister in the small town of Sucre. The townspeople share their insight on the events of the morning as well as of the previous night.Santiago Nasar, 21, was a rich man and of Arab descent. He owned and lived on a ranch with his mother. He inherited his wealth from his late father, Ibrahim Nasar. The young man, described by his friends, was an open-hearted and courageous character. He also was known to have liked partying, firearms, and horses.The day before the young man’s murder had been the wedding of Angela Vicario and out-of-town aristocrat Bayardo San Roman. The formal activities ended smoothly in the evening. The party afterward was said to have broken up around midnight. Nasar and his friends had spent the night at the party. It was an hour later when San Roman returned his wife to her maternal home. This has been because her husband had just discovered that she was not a virgin. No one knew who she could’ve been with before the marriage. According to Purisima Vicario, mother of Angela, it had taken some time to coax the answer out of her daughter. It was 3 in the morning when Angela Vicario revealed to her family that it was Santiago Nasar who deflowered her.Immediately afterward, her two brothers visited a pigsty to pick out two knives. They had the knives sharpened at the meat market, where a butcher discovered their plan.Once the pair left, Faustino Santos, the butcher, informed a police officer who reported back to Colonel Lazaro Aponte. Around 4:15 AM, Colonel Aponte found the boys at the local milk shop. The Colonel explains, when interviewed, that he suspected the boys were bluffing. This is why all he did was take their knives from them and tell them to go home.Regardless of the Colonel’s order, the twins went to get two different knives and sharpened them as well. They returned to the milk shop to wait for the man who had “dishonoured” their sister.At some point in the morning the father of Nasar’s fiance, who would like to remain unnamed, told Nasar about how the Vicario brothers were planning to kill him. It is said that because of this warning, Nasar was too shaken up to properly find his way back to his house, stumbling across town.By then, the entire town knew about the Vicario brothers’ plan. People have already gathered around the square to watch. The milk shop owner spotted Nasar exit his fiancé’s house, then yelled for him to run. Nasar then sprinted to his house where to his horror he finds that the doors are locked. His mother, Placida Linero’s belief was that Nasar was still up in his bedroom, safe. The town’s well-known dream interpreter thought that it was only the Vicario Brothers that she had locked out. Despite Nasar banging on the doors he was still not let in. It was not long until the Vicario brothers caught up.It was 7:05 AM when the town witnessed how the two brothers “carved Nasar up like a pig,” according to a friend of Nasar’s. Some say he was able to still walk to the back of his home with his guts spilling out into his hands. The young rancher had passed away faced down in his kitchen doorway.Not long after the scene, the brothers are chased down by a group of angry men. The brothers were put behind bars by 08:00 AM.Nasar’s autopsy, however, was only performed at 06:05 PM by the local priest, Father Carmen Amador, because the local doctor was out of town. The autopsy was performed in a public school and was believed to have been messy and “poorly executed”. However, it was concluded that Nasar died from “a massive hemorrhage caused by any one of the fatal wounds.” The body was buried right after the autopsy.As of 03:00 AM today, the Vicario brothers are transferred to a prison in Riohacha. It is also said that the entire Vicario family will be moving out of town.The town sympathises for Bayardo San Roman. It is revealed by the townspeople that he has travelled to the town solely to find a bride, it would’ve been tragic for him to have discovered that she was not a virgin. No one has seen since he returned his wife to her family.On top of that, people are baffled by Nasar’s innocence. Some believed that Nasar was indeed guilty and deserved what was coming to him. Some debated that Angela Vicario was lying and the victim was wrongfully killed. There is also no evidence so far that could prove Nasar guilty. A close friend explains, “Nasar died without understanding his own death.”