During the times of the zodiac
killings, Allen started to behave very cryptic and odd with his friends and
family. Allen’s friend Don Cheney went to the police and told them that Allen
had to be the Zodiac due to the fact that he had been consistently telling him
how he wanted to “kill couples at random”. Not only that but Allen started to
call himself Zodiac before the killer had identified himself as that
name, Allen also used to sign his letters with a circle and cross which became
the iconic symbol for the zodiac killer. Evidence like this consistently makes
an appearance throughout the span of the zodiac killings and even some
scientific evidence as well. Just by the way that Allen presents himself while
speaking to friends puts him on the firing line and makes me believe that he has
to be the killer and the fact that the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) at
the time didn’t realise that something was psychologically wrong with Allen
completely baffles me, yes I understand that nowadays we have more options there
for scientifically proving who  killer was compared to back then but
obvious behavioural malfunctions should’ve been a red flag for them to force a
prosecution. Arthur Leigh Allen didn’t have alibies for most of the questions
thrown his way and when the zodiac would go unheard of, Allen would go unheard
of. This is not a coincidence this is only a small portion of the evidence the
he is a murderer that got to walk free.  


The report given to the police by
Allen’s friend turned him into a primary suspect, one of the surviving victims
of the zodiac killings Mark Mageau, was
asked to pick one man out of twenty men on who it was that attacked him and
killed his girlfriend that night. Arthur Leigh Allen’s photo was on that table
and that’s who Mageau picked.  Another surviving
victim Bryan Hartnell, managed to pick out Allen’s voice and features as
similar to the Zodiac Killers. More and more evidence kept piling up against
him so why wasn’t he prosecuted? It seems pretty clear by just reading this small
apart of evidence so far that Allen had something to do with these crimes. Key
victims who were survivors picked him out. Is that not screaming a red flag?
Clearly not in that decade. Allen even wore a specific watch that had a circle
and cross in the middle which again, was later on known to be the trade mark
for the zodiac killer (circle and cross). The watch that Allen wore he started
wearing during the times of the murders and also at the time of when he
conversed with Don Cheney about wanting to kill people and calling himself the
Zodiac. All the evidence so far has pointed to Allen, so again why was he not
prosecuted? He was an animal, an animal that would mall you in the night with
no remorse and spoke of the murders like an everyday thing. like it was completely
normal. it’s hard to comprehend how this man could possibly be left to walk
free. This man was key identified by surviving victims of the murders, showing
that not only did he have evidence and suspicions pointed towards him due to
his attitude and behaviour but survivors picked him out and said that it was
either him or strongly resembled the man that had attacked them and/or killed
whoever was with them. 

Through out the time of the Zodiac
killings, the murderer tended to keep in contact through the years with the
police via letters, he would leave cryptic codes for people to decipher and
letter that seemed the equivalent of riddles. In one of these letters there was
a reference to a book called “The Most Dangerous Game” which is about hunting humans.
Uncoincidentally, when Arthur Leigh Allen was being interviewed by the police
he mentioned this book and stated that it was his favourite book, and also,
which I believe was to spite the police. Allen wore his Zodiac watch during
this interview, how could the police have not seen this man was the killer? He
quiet literally shows it to them every encounter or reference about him. Also
in 1974, Allen was incarcerated for child molestation spending three years in
jail. The letters to the police also stopped in 1974. For three years. The
police searched Allen’s home and found plans for constructed bombs and tapes
about the Zodiac Killer. Early in the times of when the killings were at its
height, the killer stated that he would put constructed bombs on children’s
school busses. Arthur Leigh Allen might as well have been standing on top of
the Empire State Building and shouted “I am the Zodiac Killer” because clearly
LAPD still would’ve turned around and stated “hm no I
don’t think its him”. Because, after the police found
the plans for bombs they took Allen in for another interview and asked him
about what they had found, in response Allen stated he knew nothing about it
all, and guess what the LAPD did. Nothing. They took his word for it and let
him go, they let a murderer walk. It’s preposterous, the lack of intelligence
that the police had at this time is completely and utterly ludicrous. 

On one of the letters the Zodiac
wrote there was a stamp on the top corner, the police department ran a check to
test Allen’s DNA against it. It did not come back a match. However, Allen
had a bizarre habit of asking others to lick his stamps before putting them on
the letter, explaining why his DNA did not come back a match to of that what
was on the stamp.  

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