During with degrade fossil energy
sources and escalated energy requisition in Indonesia, the needfulness for
alternative energy sources is invitable. Further unceasing issue of global
warming and polution which are caused by petroleum and coal fuel. Moreover the
new technology of renewable energy must be founded by reseacher. In this era
many resources of renewable energy can be explored, one of several is Ocean
Energy(Xie & Wang, 2017). Energy power
based on ocean have many kind of energy power plant convertion, such as tidal
energy, sea curent energy, ocean thermal energy and wave energy. According with
potential energy resources in Indonesia, wave energy is chosen power plant to
applied in Indonesia territory. On the other hand, wave energy has a simple
instalation, there is called an oscillating water colomn (OWC) method.

        As generally know  Indonesia is the greates archipalago country in the world, which have more than 15 000 islands and total lengh of coastline more than 95 000 km. The nation that  the people  depend heavily on the sea is highly potential ocean energy resources convered in electrical power. Two-thirds Indonesia is sea, which has an average wave hight potential of 3 meters. According several researcher raws of waves with 2 meter and 3 meter high equals the power of 39 kw per meter wavelength, that signifies its potential to generate enormous wave energy. Especially in the coastline is directly adjacent to the ocean as sush as southern coastal areas of Java island and west side of Sumatra island. The oceans are almost always movement that appoints potential sustainable energy resources. 

water coulmn is one kinds of several wave energy converter system. OWC has many
adventages such as no harm to marins life, can work irrespective of low or high
tidal, ones installed just needs little atention and Since air is a flowing material, there are not many
critical components required. Furthermore, the prinsipal system
works are exploit of compressed and decompressed air in the chambe by water
oscillating. The air flowed from inside the column to outside when water level
increase and they flowed from enviroment into the chamber when water level down
that they used to rotate wells turbine. In generally OWCs, the air alternately
flows from the column to the enviroment and turn back, although in certain construct
the flow is in closed system. The turbines are self-adjustment, such as their
rotation direction remains unchanged irrespective of the direction of the air
flow(Lehmann, Karimpour, Goudey, Jacobson, & Alam,
2017). The turbine well is coupled an electrical

summary, Indonesia has highly potential in energy resources and OWC is a technology that applicable and can be made alternative energy to replace fossil

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