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Week 3 Procedure Letter

Prof Daniel Gleason

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Despite the
prominence of texting and email, the phone is still most common way for
customers to contact businesses.  The way
the phone is answered will form a customer’s first impression of the business.  Adhere to the following procedures and your
business will know how to answer the phone and properly represent your business:??

1) Make answering all incoming
phone calls before the third ring a high priority.

2) When you answer the phone, be
warm, happy, and above all, professional. 
The voice on the phone could be your only chance to make an impression.
Welcome callers courteously and identify yourself and your organization immediately.
 For example, “Good morning. Arizona
Public Services.  Doug speaking.  How may I help you?”  No one should ever ask if they’ve reached your

3) Clear communication is
essential, keep your voice volume moderate, speak slowly and clearly, and
control your language when answering the phone so your caller can understand
you easily.  Avoid using slang or
confusing terms. Instead of saying, “OK”, or “No problem”,
for instance, say “Certainly”, “Very well”, or “All
right”.  If you use fillers when you
speak, like “uh huh”, “um”, and other repetitive speech
such as “like” or “you know”, train yourself not to use
these when you speak on the phone or replace them with more respectful fillers
like “Yes, Sir/Ma’am”.  Your voice and
vocabulary needs to be positive when phone answering, regardless of your
emotional state.  Never say, “I
don’t know”, say, “Let me see if I can find an answer for you.”

4) When taking phone messages ensure
completeness and accuracy.  If you don’t
understand or can’t spell the word or name, ask the customer to repeat it or
spell it for you; afterwards, repeat it back to ensure accuracy.  Above all, make sure the message are delivered
in a timely manner.

5) If you have to put a caller on
hold, always ask the caller if it’s all right and never leave people on hold.  Check on callers every 30 to 45 seconds.  Ask the caller if they are ok waiting,
“That line is still busy.  Would you
like to stay on hold or should I have them call you back?”

6) Only use speaker phone when you
need more than one person to be in on the conversation at your end.  Speaker phone can give the caller the
impression that you may not be fully concentrating on his call or that the call
isn’t private.  Always ask the caller before
you put them on speaker.

7) If you use voice mail or
answering machines, ensure your message gives callers any pertinent information
before it records their messages.  Update
your voice mail message often.  If your
business is going to be closed for a holiday or there is a change in hours,
update your message to let your customers know.

Remember to train
everyone who answers the phone to answer the same way.  Listen in and check on how your business’s
phone is being answered to ensure this is done in a professional manner.  Set up cards and reminders by the phone so all
employees know how to answer phone calls properly.?


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