Domestic water supply means the source that provides clean water for
both usage indoor and outdoor households purposes. Domestic water supplies are one of the fundamental necessities
for human life. Without water, human cannot survive beyond a few days and insufficient
water supplies leads to the spread of disease (Rottier & Ince,
2003). Abdullah (2015) was reported in Malaysia Kini that the amount of
water consumption per day of Malaysians in 2013 was 210 liters, while in 2014,
the normal consumption has increased to 212 liters which increment by 2 liters
or almost 141 bottles of 1.5 liters per person every day. However, only 30 percent of the water usage is genuinely
used for cooking and drinking, while the rest of it is utilized for other
utilities like washing cars, washing pools and washing clothes. As a comparison, consumption is exceed the water
consumption recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which is 165
liters daily (Abdullah, 2015).

National Academy of
Sciences (1999) has been stated that in this era globalization the
demand of clean water has been increase
more than twice as the rate of the population increase. Water shortage for
domestic usage is a situation when there is a lack of amount safe water because of low quality for consumption. Water
shortage occurs when the natural water
resources are insufficiency to meet the demand of the community in certain
regions. It has been stated by Nyan (2004), some of area in Sarawak especially coastal area has
chronically water shortage problem due to
the characteristic of water resources. The consumption of not clean water will
negative impacts to health and may cause various diseases or even results in
fatality (Nyan, 2004).

The rural areas in Sarawak are supplied with water through the gravity
feed water supply systems in which the stream water is channeled directly to
the households through the polyethylene (PVC) pipe without treatment (Nyan, 2004). However, in
some places, the only water available for
use is the peat water. Peat water which
contains a high concentration of humic
substances might be harmful to human
health (Sakarinen, 2016). The usage of the peat water for domestic usage is very important especially for
household’s works for doing chores such as washing clothes, washing utensils and


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