Do you agree
with the statement that any person is capable of fantastic success and
outstanding discoveries? You just have to be selective about your work and
train your brain to focus on what is necessary. Use these simple rules to do

1-    Concentrate

Are you sure
that you are always able to think about “what you need” and “when you
need it”?

The secret
of concentrated attention is to highlight only an interesting thought,
important and necessary. Chinese wisdom says: “when you wash a cup –
think about a cup.” If the task is boring, attention is dissipated.

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Turn an
important business into an exciting business for yourself. Solving the
problem of mindfulness is an important step towards developing the
abilities of the brain.

2-    Act

Still think
that life gives you little chance of success? Alas, most people like to be
in perpetual expectation, rather than actively act. And the reason is
banal laziness. Although not only laziness hinders, but also the
uncertainty about one’s own abilities and capabilities.

An active
person constantly seeks to feel, learn something new, makes his brain work at
full strength. Describe your day: go somewhere, meet with people etc. Choose
for yourself a stimulant that gives you energy. For someone it’s a sport,
someone has a cup of coffee in the morning, for someone its music.

Daily, ask
yourself the same question: “What I did in a day to achieve what I
wanted?” Do not afraid of failure. Being in a difficult
situation, look at the problem with other people’s eyes (boss,
child). Look for an alternative, stand back – a minute of quiet thinking,
will save hours of futile efforts.

3-    Believe in yourself

What kinds
of people are driving the Mercedes? Style of clothes, voice – everything
in them gives out those who are used to doing, find and use huge
money. These are people who constantly process a large amount of
information, facts, so they are constantly “aware of their
business.” How do they manage everything?

Exercise in
search of wisdom:

Fantasize. How
do you imagine Aristotle? And how do you see Alexander the great? Imagine
in detail their appearance, manner of speaking, voice. And how would they
behave in your situation?

Your subconscious
mind is a repository of centuries of knowledge. The cleverest thoughts of
the past can easily be found in yourself. Believe that victory is
yours. The more confidence you are the more closer you are with success.

4-     Break stereotypes

Nobody is
born with the great ideas. Remember the great musicians, writers, artists
or athletes – they all went beyond the usual ideas – broke the old and created
a new one. In chess – one original decision completely changes the entire
course of the game. Do not be afraid to act.

5-    Treat life with humor

Don’t afraid
to laugh – a good joke will not only raise your spirits, but also help you find
an extraordinary, right decision. It’s humor that breaks stereotypes that interfere
with thinking. Look for funny side in any situation.


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