Sea diving has always been a profession that serves both the military and the science community. However, it received much admiration as a recreation from people who are fascinated with the deep, the reefs, and the beauty of marine life. The word “Scuba” is actually an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus which may explain your curiosity upon the origin of the word and its relation to underwater diving (McLaren). Scuba diving is not really as complicated as some believe it to be.

In fact, you can learn how to scuba dive in at least three days if you have the sufficient gear, interest, and a great instructor. Here are some important steps involved in scuba diving. Mental preparation is actually the most important phase that you need to remember since it can help you determine whether or not you are prepared to dive into the deep blue sea. First, you should be interested in scuba diving. If you are not interested in diving at all, then you might not be able to pick up the lessons faster.

Always remember that having interest in an activity can help people alleviate boredom and restlessness. Second, you should start dispelling the myths about scuba diving. In the web article “10 Myths About Diving,” Michael Ange explained that diving myths like sharks attacking scuba divers as seen in movies, fit people are the only ones allowed to dive, and it is a male activity, restrict many from learning how to scuba dive. If you are able to cast away your fears and the myths, then you would be able to learn how to dive.

Finally, you should study the science involved in scuba diving like underwater pressure. This would give you much needed knowledge about underwater life and how it feels to swim under such conditions. If you have successfully prepared yourself mentally, then you are ready for the actual training. Before training, you need to find a good gear first. It is advisable to buy the right scuba diving gear first before buying some fancy add-ons to the gear itself. Going to a good dive shop should be able to guide you on buying the right gear before your first dive.

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These shops can also refer instructors, schools, and hot diving-destinations for the newbie diver (Bonnier Corporation). Next, you should find a diving school that provides adequate training and guidance for you before your first dive. You should also look for a certified diving instructor to help you out and guide you throughout the training process, and eventually help you out when you start open-water training. If you need this as a profession, it is advisable to get a certification from a good diving school.

After all that hard-work through mental preparation and actual training, you can now take your first dive with or without the guidance of the instructor. At this phase, all you have to do as a newbie diver is to remember everything that you have learned during mental preparation and actual training and apply what was learned from the diving school. However, diving alone is still inadvisable. It is best to invite other newbie divers as well as experienced divers to join in on your first dive.

This should make the experience fun, interesting, and safe. It can also help you keep yourself calm as compared to diving alone in the deep blue sea. After diving, it is advisable to talk about your experiences with your diver buddies as well as evaluate each other’s performance during diving. Being able to evaluate yourself and your first scuba diving experience would further help you learn the fundamentals involved in scuba diving, especially from the perspective of other newbie divers and experienced divers.

You can compare and contrast the differences between your experience and that of your companions’ in order to have a better diving experience next time around. You should also note your whole experience in order to repeat your successes and change your failures during diving. This would help you learn and avoid making the same mistakes during your next dive. Finally, you should always remember to have fun while diving since it is a fun experience that you can share with your friends, family, and other scuba divers.


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