Distance by Ronald Baytan, it is a story about a couple that was living together for a quite long time.  She left him and move to her new place but the presence still lingers him.   He keeps reminiscing about her hoping that he can feel you in his arms.  But he knows she is nowhere near him for a very long time, he took a shower to forget her presence and memories in his mind and body.   But he knows he cannot easily forget her because of the long time they were together.  It was hard for him to realize that your no longer around him especially the happy memories that you have shared together. 

In the bedroom, he looks around, forms the books, pillows, tapes and their pictures together everything reminds him of her.   But he knows that even how many times he looks at the things that he can remind him of her, he knows that she will never come back.  But he is also hoping that she is in the same position of him thinking and reminiscing, sitting or lying down in her own bedroom alone that is big enough for her.  That she is in a dream of the memories that they had for many years, or looking at the face that she knows.  But he knows that it is impossible, he thinks that he is might be out drinking and to forget.  That her lips are connected with the glass of beer and give drinks to the man sitting across her because she thinks the man likes her.

In his thoughts she was never gone she was always there in everything, but looking at the bed he knows that he cannot deceive himself.   It is partly intact the cover of her voice, spreading all over the area.  But he knows that it cannot help him enough to move on because his love for her is deep.  His love for her is adjacency and nothing can change and replace it.  Even if she also thought about him it can never change the fact that his love for her is deeper.  Hoping still that her thought of him will equivalent when she comes back to him. 

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This story is also very emotional and very touching story of couples separating ways, it doesn’t indicate here the reason of her leaving but, the way you read it can make you think that the guy, on the other hand, cannot move on.  He has a lot of hopes but even if he knew that it might be impossible that she will come back he still has hopes and dreams for her.  We know that in a real-life love story there is the same thing about this story that happened and we know mostly girls and the one who shares.  But to this one, I presume that it is a male because the words used like “HE AND MAN”.  The guy sounds he is very miserable because of his longing for her it is sad because no one wants to be hurt but there are probably times that even if how happy you are at the end of the day there is always sadness or sorrow.  I think anyone can relate to this because it is a heartbreak story which we know is common, but the thing is not also everyone can understand what the story means especially if you don’t read it well.  A poem is honestly quite hard and for the fact that not all delays are indicated makes us readers thinks so much how we should do it.   But I like the story, it reminds me of something.  He cannot move on and hope for her coming back is normal in the person who got hurt a lot because of love. 


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