Science cannot explain many supernatural and super-civilization phenomena. For example, we often ask what it is out of our universe, and what it is out of that universe which is already out of our universe. When asking many times, we finally believe that the question must be explained based on philosophy knowledge. However, philosophy is more like a way of thinking, but not a specific method. Just like working out a math problem, philosophy is just an idea of solving, like normalization and infinitesimal.

But only having idea cannot give out the answer after all, we need to use concrete formulas and at last work out the answer. But now, many super phenomena cannot be explained clearly with latter way: in a concrete way, but not only use philosophy. Review the history of human’s science explorations; I found that mankind’s science has two features: concrete and material. Our science is based on materials and matter of the world, from atoms to cosmos, all science aspects stick to them firmly; and our science is entirely concrete, all our scientific ideas must be shown in the forms of laws, rules or mathematical formulas.

These two features have their own advantages, nevertheless, we have two admit they have been, and now are limiting human being’s way of exploring natural world. Because many supernatural phenomena suggest that some things happened out of the way of logic of today’s science. Only use our science based on concrete and material, they all seem to be disobey the laws of science. Because they are not fit in any formulas; in other words, sometimes science with formulas and laws cannot fit in changeable and unstable nature, which is called supernatural and super-civilization phenomena.

Maybe this kind of natural thing has no formula to explain but also have their own rules? Consequently, there must be another type of subject, which is higher than science to explain super phenomena. And it is not based on laws or formulas, which are concrete and visible rules of nature, but other forms which cannot be accepted and comprehended by people’s logic today. Many events in the history have been confirmed that we need such a kind of subject higher than science. I-Ching is one of the most special and amazing books in Chinese history, which uses hard-understanding words to predict many events accurately.

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Up to now, no one can explain what ways of thinking the author used to create such a book. Some people suspect I-Ching is anti-science book, which is superstition idea of ancient time. Nevertheless, what kinds of superstition other than I-Ching can use natural laws to predict many events so exactly? Consequently, a number of scientists think it has some truth based on science, but higher than the ideas of the science which we can accept today. We believe that this way is out of science, as it was very abstract, while science today is concrete.

So some scholars deem it as a kind of super scientific phenomenon. But why cannot we comprehend super-civilization works like I-Ching in today’s science idea? Because our math idea used currently is hard to meet the request. The bottom reason that causes our science so concrete that only be expressed in rigid formulas is our math is only based on figures and formulas, which is only partly of the whole math world in my opinion. There must be other deeper thinking and idea of the math, which are hardly understood by human currently.

If known, people today may believe it is not math, because this kind of “super math” is more flexible and cannot be shown in the forms of formulas or figures. The main purpose of it is to reveal the rules of the universe, but is different from philosophy. As we know, math is more abstract than other scientific subjects like physics and chemistry and more accurate than philosophy. The super science is higher than science, but lower than philosophy. I-Ching might be written in such a highly abstract mathematical thinking.

At the same time, math is the basis of all scientific subjects, so we have to admit that with the math updated, the science must be updated. In this way, we can infer that this “new science” must be more abstract than the science we are learning now. We may think it is not science, not based on formulas and rules, not concrete… nevertheless, only in this abstract way, can we explain many super cultural phenomena. Rigid formulas cannot adapt to flexible and changeable cosmos. Without formulas, new science can let people easily understand many supernatural phenomena.

Science present is only able to discover the surface of the natural laws,while the super nature that hiding behind the surface world is just beyond the formulas which are used to describe nature. When flexible new science takes the place of current science, all this things hiding now will be revealed, and it can be known by a new way of thinking easily by ordinary people with the help of new science.

And I-Ching was just used this high new science to predict the future which seems to be unpredictable. A flexible nd hard-describing new science is just a right way to reveal the hidden and invisible rules behind the nature we can see. What’s more, math based on formulas is just based on material and concrete. So new math, with the super science, will get rid of these two features, but only concentrates on theory itself. Without the limitation of formulas and laws, scientists will be bound to use a wider eye on explaining unknown and invisible laws behind the nature. For instance, we can explore what soul is after man’s death.

Soul, or other things can take the place of it by other names, if existing, can be revealed by new super science. Besides, as the top of the article wrote, we can also understand what it is outside of our universe. Both of these two questions are not involved with materials contiguously. Besides, they are abstract rather than concrete—who can use a clear ideas or concrete formulas to deal with them? All in all, with the update of math, new super science is going to be accepted by people and take the place of the current science. After all, current science cannot solve a numerous of abstract phenomena and problems.


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