For any business enterprise to realize success in its operations, the enterprise’s management has to ensure the implementation of four vital managerial functions. These functions include planning, organizing, leading and control. Though the SOL Company has not engaged in any the world’s alluring business undertakings, it has emerged to be among the highly performing businesses irrespective of doing industrial cleaning. Its prosperity has been facilitated by the management, led by Liisa Joronen, understanding the role it is supposed to play and taken the appropriate measures in good time.

Planning Planning is the first role of the management and lays the basement for the rest of the managerial roles. It encompasses the identification of the organization’s goals, objectives, and roles of each and every stakeholder in the business and resources available and attainable and the different approaches that the management employs in pursuit of attaining the earlier set goals (SOL, 2009). The company’s future is determined during this planning process since planning is a key player in the control and decision making of the business thus aiding in evading operational ruins.

This process does not only deal with business planning but also shades light on strategic, staffing, project promotions and advertising forms of planning. In the SOL Company, the chairman and owner, Joronen states that their goal is to change the work of cleaners. So as to achieve these, proper prior employees’ training has been undertaken to make them become specialists and as thus facilitate time management and budgeting. Furthermore, the set goals are attainable under minimal cost implications and strain by the stakeholders.

Organizing The set goals can not be achieved without apposite organization of all the various departments within the organization. Organizing entails appropriate work structuring by undertaking responsibilities assignment to specific individuals. This does not only ensure accountability but also avoids the replication of duties. Organizing also ensure that the values, objectives and procedures of the company are followed to the latter (Laurie, 2002). So as to accomplish good work structure, the management implements job divisions based on specialization, incorporating employee training and ensuring supervision.

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SOL has come up with various teams with a supervisor taking charge of each group. These teams have their own autonomous offices and specific areas of obligations. Besides, team performance evaluation is undertaken so as to ascertain that the performance benchmarks are satisfied. Leading Leadership quality determines how well the structures in the organization and the objectives set in the planning process are going to be attained lucratively (Fairholm, 1998). Leading involves the ability of the leader, who may be the manager, to persuade and inspire his/her subordinates to act united towards the realization of the company’s goals.

It involves motivating the subordinate staff so as to embrace their assigned duties and responsibilities. The leaders have to practice close contact and cohesive communication links with the team members (Jones & Hill, 2000). This fosters free employees’ expression and participation especially in issues concerned with decision making. Joronen has ensured that fun and freedom is present among her workers. Moreover, she has abolished all titles and status symbols in the company so as to make all workers feel equal. She has made herself reachable by each of her workers.

For instance, though coming from a well-of family, she opts to commute on her bicycle. Additionally, she has broken the conventional rules and regulations of the corporate life so as to assure freedom among the workers. Controlling Controlling completes the full cycle of the functions of management. For a company to attain its set goals the company’s performance has to be closely monitored and this is what controlling necessitates (Rane, 2007). This process also takes a pivotal role in helping the management strike a balance between the organization’s performance and the associated and incurred costs.

It is in this function that the management comes up with the various performance standards that are founded on the firm’s objectives. These standards are utilized in evaluating, appraising and in report writing about the concrete work performance. Furthermore, prospective problems are highlighted and the necessary available remedial measures taken. In achieving holistic control, Joronen appraises the performance of individual teams based on the set performance benchmarks. Moreover, the quality passports records how the workers have performed on the customers’ survey.

In further control, a sales database has been incorporated to keep track of the company’s existing customers. SOL Company as a New Workplace Institution SOL Company sufficiently qualifies to be a new work place. Though started with fewer employees, customers and even revenues, the current transformations has depicted it as a different company from the former. For instance, its workforce, incomes and customers have doubled. In appraising it on a current new business perspective will be more rational than terming it an old age organization.

To begin with, the prevailing freedom in its environments makes each and every stakeholder to own the company. This freedom has fostered high production by each autonomous team (Imperator, 1997). Moreover, it has acted as a motivation to the workers since coercion is not the tool to great production but the self drive that these employees have. The management has also played a vital role in ensuring that each worker is sufficiently equipped by training them adequately and allowing them to practice specialization.

The SOL employees do not training only in areas that deal with cleaning. They also have had the opportunity to study budgeting, personal skills that will ensure that they relate well with and meet customers’ demands and also time management. Another aspect that makes SOL a new place of work is the ability to conform to the current situation. Flexibility in its undertakings is evident. For instance, some of its employees working in the hospitals have been utilized to give a hand to patients and notifying the doctors on duty of any emergencies.

Moreover, apart from sweeping the aisles of large grocery stores, these cleaners also do the shelves stocking tasks. Supervisors at SOL majorly use cell phones and laptops in executing their work. Besides, there are hardly any paper works in these offices since the crucial documents have been computerized. The company has also developed its intranet for the purposes of customer tracking which is a recent generation technology. SOL Company Efficiency and Effectiveness SOL now provides a wider range of service.

It is not only specializing in cleaning but has diversified to offering property and security services, other domestic services, laundry services and also personnel services. In availing these services to meet its customers’ needs and demands, the company has taken into account the preservation and conservation of the environment. This has greatly fostered the value and competence of the company. Both from the article and the web, this company has held firmly to providing high quality services, satisfying its customers and ensuring that apart from adequately training its workers, they enjoy a good working atmosphere.

All these have been made successful through the SOL Operating System which is a reflection of the company’s steering principles, resources, responsibilities, methods of job assurance and assessment. Competence has also been depicted in its planning and implementation of service solutions that are tailored and proper personnel management (Kim, 2002). So as to promote customer satisfaction, frequent improvements on the methods or working are instituted.


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