Directory services:

Directory services is a
software system that organises directory information in order to unify network
resources.  It further provides a transparency
to protocols and network topologies.

Account management:

Provides uniform access,
manages and develops user’s access to computing resources all the user had to
do is remember a single username and password.

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This will benefit Hopwood hall
as the users can search the directory and access the central and departmental
file servers, application and printers across the campus network. It also makes
sure the IT security is in good strength.

Authentication management:

Authentication management is
the process of updating passwords and managing other types of authenticators
like password and personal questions.

This can benefit Hopwood hall
as users can change their password in a school network then it will
automatically result in changing over used sites on the school sites password.

Active directory: 

Active directory is a
directory service. It is built-in most server operating systems. It is in
charge for authenticating and authorizing of all users and computers in the
network and putting up security policies for all computers within the network
as well as installing or updating software.

This will benefit Hopwood hall
as it will allow users and computer to be safer/more secure.


DNS stands for Domain Name
System and consists of a network of servers that map Internet domain names. It
performs forensic examination of name and email servers, authenticates and
finds domains.

This will benefit Hopwood hall
as it will keep an eye out on email, monitor web and connectivity and checks on
any mistrustful activity.



Tele communications is a
variety of technologies that send information over varied distances. Mobiles,
telephones, VoIP are all telecommunication technologies. There are other
telecommunications like radio and television.




An email allows you to
communicate with anyone in the world as long as they an internet connection and
have an email account. Many popular email websites are Hotmail and G-mail both
these allow you to send messages as well as documents as attachments.

This will benefit Hopwood hall
as they can email over users and  email
documents to anyone need be, for example teachers.

IRC (Internet relay chat):

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is
online instant communication chat which is done over the Internet.

This can benefit Hopwood hall
as users can join conversations and send messages to it, which shows to all the
others users communicating in the same conversation.

Discussions boards:

A discussions board is
basically a website where a particular topic is presented and then people can
discuss any questions and submit their own ideas. An example of this is Yahoo
answers where someone will put out a question so that any person for searches
for something similar will be able to answer the question or submit their

This can benefit Hopwood hall
as it will allow student to student, student to teacher or teacher to teacher discussions
about anything need be, for example students could talk about coming coursework’s,
talk to teachers about deadlines or anything thinkable.

Remote access:

The basic job of remote
desktop is it allows a user to enter into another computer on the user’s
network. It allows to access data and applications using the Remote Desktop
Protocol (RDP). An example of this is if a teacher wants to plan a lesson but
they saved a file on their user area at school they will be able to log onto
that school network without physically being at the school which is a major


VOIP is a way of communicating
through the internet to over technological devices over IP.

This will benefit Hopwood hall
as it allows people to talk to one another long-distance and around the world
without having to pay long distance or international phone charges.

An example of VOIP is:

IP Phone – Ethernet – Router –
Internet – VOIP

File servers:

File servers is a computer
attached to the network which provides a location for disk access.

This will benefit Hopwood hall
as it allow users to be able to store files on a network for other users
connected to be able to log on and access these files, however only certain
users would have permission to be able to move or edit them.



File transfer:

File transfer is the process
of moving files from a computer to another device over a network or internet

This will benefit Hopwood hall
as It allows users to transfer files between different users locally and

File Sharing:

File sharing is the sharing of
computer data or space within a network, this including documents, graphics,
computer programs and eBooks. File sharing can be done using different methods,
the most common ones are file storage, distribution and transmission. 


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