For this assignment I will be identifying the different factors that influence dietary intake for different population groups. The groups that I will be looking at is adults, children & young people, older people, family and household, pregnant and breastfeeding women, the developed world and the less developed world.

Children & Young People

– social eating and drinking (lifestyle)

– food industry (manufacturing, food process) (economic)

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– healthy eating, marketing and labelling (education)

– media (the media advertising the product making you want to buy it)

– packaging (pretty and colourful)

– price (the low cost)

– family and friends (what family cooks at home and influences from friends)

There are many influences with children and young people, a lot of the time lifestyle can be a big issue on what an individual eats for example friends can influence the way we eat because they an say things which is selling the product to you and making you want it more. In many ways the media is a big influence on the way in which we eat, this is a fact because newspapers, billboards, television, advertisements and posters are all ways that makes the individuals attention catch the eye of a certain product, for example if a new burger has come out in McDonalds it will then be advertised through billboards and advertisement on the television.

This then persuades everyone to want to taste the burger which is then promoting unhealthy eating. To many individuals this food will look and smell attractive so this makes it an even better way of persuading you to have it. A lot of the time the unhealthy eating with children and young people is due to the social attractions around you. This means that a lot of the time fast food is what is around you wherever you go, so if you are out with your friends the closest place that you would go to eat would be a fast food restaurant because it is close and at the same time it is cheap.

A lot of the time children and young people would go for the fast foods instead of healthy sandwiches or proper cooked food because it is not expensive and it is more affordable for them. If your friends and family are eating this type of food then it will make you want it more when you smell it. Family can also be a cause of eating unhealthy food because they may work a lot and when they come home they could be too tired and not be bothered to cook at all or the others in the house may not be able to cook. On many occasions people often eat unhealthily because they have not been educated on what is healthy and the right portions of food that you are supposed to eat per day.

Family & Household

Family and household has a huge impact on your dietary intake because if you live at home with both parents they may work until late and not have time to make the meals from scratch do that it is made properly. However on the other side of living in a family with siblings and both parents it could make it easier to prepare meals because there are more people so one person could be doing separate things that makes the meal quicker to prepare.


With adults they tend to always be in a rush and not have the time to make meals so they are always on the move and buying different unhealthy foods each day. This then makes them eat at different time which interferes with their metabolism and usually gives them indigestion because they eat too fast and do not give the food time to settle.

Older People

It is always harder for older people to maintain a healthy diet and good dietary intake. This is because they are less fortunate to move around because they are frail and less mobile; this means that they will most probably not be able to cook meals for themselves due to a lot of standing around which will then make them feel weak and they will most probably fall over. Older people’s health could be poor because they are not active. When it comes to cooking older people tend to buy processed food meaning ready made meals from places such as Iceland, Tesco ; Sainsbury ect, this is because it is a lot easier for them because they don’t have a lot to o to eat. Depending on the ethnic background of the person depends on the individuals live in also depends on the way that they act because when you are from the Caribbean or Asian culture older people often tend to cook all of the time and it is within their culture to adore cooking for the family.


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