The West Germany democracy was as a result of the Germany’s economic recovery and the establishment of the German’s constitution. The British and the U. S bombers attacked the Germany city of Dresden which was crowded with German wounded and refugees in the February 13 and 15 1945. A German leader known as Sir Winston Churchill was behind the attack of German state in 1945. He wanted to ensure that the Second World War was accomplished according to his strategic plans of bringing down the German’s government.

He was defeated in the 1945 election since the people in that country knew that he was being supported by the British to attack the German’s citizens and since he brought rivals in to the country to invade, he was not considered as a good leader by the citizens. He later formed an opposition party. Sir Winston Churchill became a prime minister in 1951 after the defeat of the Labors party in the 1951 general elections he remained in government up to 1955 when he resigned from government as prime minister he was succeeded by Anthony Eden. (Michael,B. 2003).

Social Democratic Party leadership consisted of socialists who had been persecuted by the Nazi’s. They claimed that Hitler’s destruction of democratic opinion formation was as a result of high capitalism and reaction to escape the socialist consequences of democracy. The business behavior under Nazism became instrumental in Social Democratic Party in West Germany to nationalize major industries and democratize the workplace that had been left from the Weimar years. In the 1950’s the social Democratic Party and of the west-German economy and held the views about industrial crimes and for the need of economic restructuring.

The new Christian Democratic Union consisted of conservatives catholic and neoliberial traditions who displayed a need for deep suspicion of capitalism, although the capitalist economic system had failed to do justice to the political and social interests of the people of Germany. The Christian Democratic Party’s left wing argued for some governmental intervention was necessary to protect the public and the weaker parts of the society from effects of capitalism. The Christian Democratic Party under Konrad’s Adenauer’s leadership as West Germany’s first chancellor abandoned the aim of a reordering the economy.

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In 1950’s and 1960’s the West German Labor and Social Democratic Party discovered the third world, under the influence of the U. S government and West German foreign office and overseas foundation of social democracy oversee set themselves the task of taking the unruly workforces of the third world. The West German political actors identified themselves with those whom they were similar with them that is Western Europeans and North Americans and thus defined themselves against those whom were not residents of the third world.

The West German party system offered four factions as offering its services as majority makers for the main parties. It was also used to watch the Christian and social democrats performance so that they would perform their assigned duties. The party system succeeded in promoting itself as an agent of transition with the ability to change power in the system that ensured all people got equal opportunities in politics. The victims of West Germany post war were neither communists nor Jews but were only good Germans. They were this known as the Nazi national community.

The Christian Democratic Party was in favor of a first-past-the method of voting during the 1945-1949 which recorded good results under the political system that lead to the party’s dominance in West German politics. The West German Green Party was established as a result of people’s initiative of wanting to know that the environment in which they lived was secure to live in. The party addressed issues as the construction of kindergarten new hospitals, rest homes for the elderly relative and issues that addressed new road schemes that were more important to people in their daily lives.

The West German party system entailed the American, British and French zones. It was formally known as the Federal Republic of Germany. The party was developed in1945, since the country was defeated in Word War Two. The country was divided into two occupational zones that were under the control of major allied party powers. Elections were carried out which reduced the number of parties to two parties that is a coalition government headed by chancellor Adenauer and Social Democratic Party that was an opposition party.

The Social Democratic Party state provided an effective stable government that was conducive for both economic development and for the emergence of a democratic culture. The West Germany Party system performance was impressive, although the increase of parties could hinder appropriate reforms and waken German’s democracy. The two votes system in the West Germany party system enabled voters in a federal election to split votes and cast their votes as they wished.

It also encouraged emergence of political groupings that gathered support amongst the population so that they would choose political parties that suited their needs. The first federal chancellor was associated with improved standard of living since the federal government started to experience a tremendous economic boom in 1957. The free democrats were able to hold parliamentary seats so as to prevent the two party systems, this later led to the establishment of a Free Liberal Party.. The elections had always been cast in very many countries but the main factor that led to the polls in West Germany was unemployment.

Other factors that were to be addressed were education, global economic policy, social justice tax reform, the environment, pension provision and the integration of foreigners in to the Germany society although floods brought disaster in West Germany. In 1961 Christian Democratic Union and Federal Democratic Union formed a coalition so as to remain in control of the government but a condition was imposed on a 13 years veteran leader of Christian Democratic Union character to resign and two other chancellors who were elected never successfully governed.

The West Germany party system analyzed its parties manifestos and the content of the manifesto was coded in 56 is categories whereby the sentences in each category was counted and transformed in to numerical data sets. The German democratic republic erupted in a series of workers riots and demonstrations that threatened the existence of a communist regime. The reason behind the riots and demonstrations by the workers was to initiate food distribution program to East Berlin as a way to help those who needed immediate aid and this program proved to be beneficial to all people.

After Second World war notions of victim hood, self-pity and suffering became agonizing to believe. The characterized by humiliating occupations of proud nations, anguished forced labor, carpet bombing persecutions, and the transformation of heroes of previous wars into ordinary executions. Communist Party did not participate in post 1945 war Dutch Government and they had very little influence . Communists were viewed as national victims who testified to the communist political traditions but the Jews

The West German party system developed when the constitution of the republic was adopted in 1949. Federal system type gave the government the power to its constituent states. The eleven states that were unified had special status of land without voting rights. The federal government had important issues that it addressed such as defenses and foreign affairs this it was regarded as the most important state in the republic. It also supported important concessions with regard to humanitarian matters and this lead to the recovery of the economy.

During the war in Germany two states were divided into Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and western block under the leadership of United States, France and Great Britain and German Democratic Republic (East Germany) the two states composed of people speaking one language, sharing same traditions and they later had political systems of their respective block. (Evans,R. J. 2004) The judiciary of Germany in 1949 was independent of the executive and the legislature arms of the government.

The political system was in the constitutional document that assured that the Germany’s military forces were only restricted to defense and not dictatorship. There was economic growth in the Federal Republic of Germany with increased requirement for new industrial location in the 1966’s. The demand for house space and for the technical and social infrastructure was a result of population growth and increased prosperity. The amount of transport increased and the means of transport were improved since there was the introduction of compatible automobile less in West Germany.

The Germany Democratic Republic started some money generating projects like the construction of high-rise buildings and demolishing old buildings so as to meet the high demand for housing and for supporting the development of the states. The state also constructed flats that would meet the demand for family’s well being and these houses were established in new urban districts or new towns. The amount of rent that was collected from this rented housed enabled the economy of Germany to grow rapidly. (Ogilvie, S and Overy, R. 2003)

Sector-specific programs evolved for high technology industrial and they were meant to meet foreign competition through expanded public support for growth of industries and new technology. After these Second World War nations of victim hood, self pity and suffering became organising metaphors to understand. The war was characterized by humiliating occupation of proud nation, anguished or willing collaboration, and forced labor, economic austerely, carpet bombing, persecutions and the transformation of combat heroes of previous wars in to ordinary executioners

Communist party did not participate in post1945 Dutch governments and this had little influence Communists were viewed as national victims testifying to the communist political traditions and resistant activity but Jews did not resist the military West Germans after 1945 believed that Nazism created many victims. Victim hood was considered as a way of avoiding moral and historical responsibility. This was not wrong because it was meat to reduce victim hood and political reductionism and moral functionalism.

The west German use in the 1950s of Jewish suffering was as a result of German suffering and they wanted to retreat back to the Jewish, since the Germans had suffered the destruction of political rights, property and life similarly the language that was used to bluster their victim was the same as that used by Nazis to victimize the Jews, this rhetoric gave the west German self justification and selective memory. The Social Democratic Party of Germany was the oldest political l party with the largest number of members.

The party was headed by a leader known as Kurt Schumacher who established the party as an ideological party that represented the interest of the working class and the trade unions. The party expanded and it called for nationalizations of major industrial and state planning. Currently the party advocates for modernization of the economy to meet the demands of globalizations and it also addresses the social needs of workers and the disadvantaged people in the society. (Chomsky, N. 1997)

Before the establishment of the Social Democratic Party the Communist Party of Germany that had been established under a German leader who lived for years in Moscow. The Christian Democratic Union party represented the middle class interests and the Liberal Democratic Party of Germany represented the liberal tradition that dated back to the late 1940s. The Democratic Peasant Party of Germany was formed to prepare farmers for planned land reform that would involve extensive nationalizations.

The National Democratic Party of Germany was to work at reintegrating approximately two million people into socialists of different views (Hitchen, C. 2002) A Christian Conservative Party was formed so as to represent the people who opposed communism and socialism and those who held middle class values. The party was formed because after 1945 there was persecution and suppression of the Catholics and the Protestants, as there was division of regional and denominational lines.

The members of Christian Labor Unions influenced the program of conservative movement; although they did not dispute the concept of private ownership of property they also advocated state control for many principle industries. In the 1950’s the party was dominated by a market oriented policy that was with a strong social component (. Brewster, C. 2001) The Bavarian Christian Conservative organization and the Christian Social Union Party that were founded in October 1946 remained as separate party organizations. They were more pronounced than the Christian Democratic Union.

The Free Democratic Party was formed in November 1948 and it consisted of a number of liberal parties such as the Conservative National Wing and the Leftist Oriented Liberal Movement. The parties consisted of voters who understood themselves, as liberals but they did not commit themselves to any ideology, the members of the parties rejected a planned economy. The party groups came from South-western Germany and in Hesse. In 1969 the Free Democratic Party helped Willy Brandit the leader of Social Democratic Party into power during the elections.

He was also elected the new chancellor, his party ruled West Germany for 13 years but he resigned in 1974. (Evans,R. J. 2004) During Willy Brandit term of office he introduced local reforms including reforms to abortion or divorce laws and education. He helped in negotiating treaties with Poland, Soviet Union. East Germany and other soviet run Eastern European nation. There was an agreement between east and the west that allowed traffic between the states. The East Berlin citizens were allowed to across the border of West Berlin in times of family emergencies. (Frei, N. 2003).


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