Development of the self

The daily life experiences that every individual in this world comes across with contribute to the development of the self. These experiences do not only come in a single strand nor pattern. Quite on the contrary, what makes these experiences contributive to the welfare of humanity is because these encounters come in various forms and in differing content. A well-rounded personality, then, can be achieved, though strictly limited, to the variety in the experiences that individuals get to have in their lives.

What I am today is a manifestation of how my parents brought me up. As much as I strongly believe in the idea that experiences shape the personality of a person in many different ways, these experiences can serve as a meaningful chapter in our lives as much as they have been significant to on my part. As far as my memory would not fail me, I do attest to the idea that experiences teach the individual person about being a steward of the gifts and talents that the self possesses.

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By having the full knowledge that these experiences contribute in a large part in the molding of the ability of the individual in bringing forth a rather full control or, at least, a strong grasp on one’s abilities to his or her advantage, their meanings would be far clear enough. I am able to contemplate on my personality and realign myself through meaningful experiences so that I become guided as to what decisions I ought to pursue in my life.

Such an understanding is of great use and help, as it has been back in the days when I was just starting in the science and math club, and, as far as I see it, nothing is as potent and as equally practical than having a wide range of experiences upon which one can be able to base his or her crucial decisions in life. These meaningful experiences have taught me a lot in my existence in the society at large and in stewarding my abilities and gifts.

In the light, critical thinking rests at the center of every decision-making process as it involves the process of weighing odds against the possible and desired outcome, the ability to systematize a plan or scheme in addressing a crucial scenario, and the aptitude in foreseeing results and consequences in order to anticipate what must be done. These are only a few of the manifestations of critical thinking as the list may very well extend. Nevertheless, it is equally significant to understand the underlying notion that the faculty of thinking judiciously serves the purpose of being able to arrive at a substantial deliberation and decision.

It is quite interesting to note that, as Socrates said, “the unexamined life may not be worth living (Gross, 2002)” , implying the significance of one’s capacity to think about the things that come across one’s life. A personal experience that requires critical thinking is perhaps one of life’s most difficult times as it purges the mind with every bit of our rationality. Events that require solving problems as well as making crucial decisions nonetheless require proper knowledge and the ability to analyze and evaluate opinions as well as facts, claims and diverse sources and other similar and relevant choices.

Furthermore, I am thoroughly aware for a fact that any person in this world possesses their respective innate capabilities lurking deep within. The only difference which seemingly surfaces as a problem in the scenario depend on how these ‘gifted’ individuals are able to utilize their skills not only for the reason that they have been required to do such, but because they rather felt a deeper need of sharing the ability that they have had acquired amidst the fact that there are those who has not been blessed with the talents which I now enjoy.

Basically, it never would have been a problem if only there could have been no competition in the arena of the contemporary society, but since we dwell on the ‘real’ world, then it is but inevitable to experience different pressures and thus I must face every single challenge thrown upon me and grow and develop in the most proficient way possible. The virtues and knowledge that I have acquired in the workshop which I got involved to has helped me in many ways.

Perhaps those were common in my high school and my elementary years (i. e. drafting essays, group discussions, etc. ). But the amazing fact is, the more that I am being tasked to write one, the more my vocabulary is getting enhanced, hence, I am able to hear other people’s desires and emotions and further understanding the point of fact that all people are different thus each distinction must be respected.

Aside from that, the technicalities in writing which my past instructors has taught me in the fundamental sense, expanded up to the point that I have learned the formats, the citation labels, the text integration as well as the types which are important in academic papers. With that certain fact, it can be taken to assumption that I have well improved not only in the field of writing, but knowing myself, my worth, and the essence of life, so to speak. English as applied in my everyday life, so to speak made me the “confident” person that I am, not only academically, but socially as well.