Descriptive Essay If Favorite means close to heart and soul, then I would choose the living room of my home as my favorite room. My well designed living room brings in me a gush of positive energy and vibrant moods. The ambient roof lighting, leather sofas, plush carpets, two tone wall paint texture invokes in me a tranquil and serene homely atmosphere.The name living room itself implies that there should be life and for that reason I have planted green creepers and Bonsai plants in all room corners. Most of my day time is spent in the living room with my one year old child who takes his pleasure in crawling around the whole living room with giggles.

My living room also holds an ergonomically designed work table where I spent my spare time completing some of my academic tasks and attached to it is a small library of good book collection.My living room has six pane glass French windows which open to a wide and breezy balcony from where I enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the evening along with my husband. I cherish my living room for the diverse type of curios I have in my living room which blends contemporary and traditional art designs in a neat manner. The Coffee table in the centre of my living room deserves a quick description as it is a kind of rare design which captures any visitor’s sight.The coffee table itself is designed as a well adorned desert camel with a flat saddle where you can comfortably place your coffee and snacks. My living room wall also holds contemporary art portraits which arouses indefinite queries and random thoughts at anyone looking at them. To sum up in a few words, my living room is comfy, neatly designed with the right homely ambience and style of excellence.

If that’s the case what other reasons do I have for my living room not to be my favorite.