Describe the steps employers can take to reduce workplace violence.

Workplace violence is something that is unwanted and all measures should be taken by any means to avoid it. Sometimes, violence still occurs but it is the responsibility of the both employers and employees to prevent and reduce the risk of workplace violence. There are few steps that could be taken by employers to reduce workplace violence, they are as follows;

1.Employers have to heighten security measures by improving external lighting which would provide better visibility during the dark. External lighting is very important since violence usually occur outside the premise within the workplace vicinity. By having bright lightings all over the place, it could reduce the risk. Moreover, employers could install surveillance camera at strategic area which could alert the security team if any suspicious activities occur.

2.Employers could also increase the number of security staffs on duty if the company has a higher risk of violence to occur. Nonetheless, preventing violence is not just by having more security staffs and more surveillance but also by inculcating staff with adequate training to resolute conflict peacefully and without violence. There are many other steps that could be taken by employers to reduce violence such as issuing weapon policy, use drop safes to minimize cash at hands, close establishments during late at night or early in the morning, etc.

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3.Since quite a number of violence at workplace is between coworkers, employers could improve employee screening which could help employers to filter out those with potentials for violence behavior. Those with higher score on trait anger are those with higher probability to act violently if under provocation. It is best for employers to screen out those with violent potentials before they are hired since dismissing them during employment would be harder and more complicated. In depth background checking would provide employers with ample information to assess potential violent worker.


4.Supervisors could be trained to observe potentially violent employees. With sufficient workplace violence training, supervisors will have awareness and may take necessary action to help reducing the risk of any potential violent behavior. The training should enable supervisors to observe erratic behavior, overly controversial behavior, sexually aggressive behavior, tendency to overreact to criticism and many others. If any of the behaviors exist, it provides indication of potential violent behavior.


5.Employers should also look at violence toward women at work. Women should be provided with employee assistance if they are the victims of any violent acts. It may sound uncommon to some, but for some parts of the world violence against women are quite rampant. So it is the responsibility of the employers to prevent this from happening. 


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