In the article “Harbor Seals in the Children’s Pool,” the author writes about different opinions for keeping harbor seals in the children pool or chasing them away. The author gives examples of people who agree to keep the seals the seals and their reasons, and other who don’t agree and their sights and aspects. The author shows us the two sides of the issue as positive and negative effects of keeping the children’s Beach as a rookery for California Seals. In my opinion, I agree to keep the seals at La Jolla’s children Pool Beach for many positive effects. One effect of keeping the seals in the children’s pool is the educational benefit.

It provides a unique educational benefit that we couldn’t find anywhere else in San Diego state. It offers the student a closest look at the seals, and they could check out seals in more natural habit. It gives an opportunity to be an outdoor school, so the students have much fun in their studying and researches. In addition, there is a chance to take classes on the beach and field trips. There are many scientific research on harbor seals explain that cleaning Children’s Pool Beach and opening it up to human use only will have drastic impact for the father survival of these harbor seals.

Furthermore, there are ecological benefit, one of these is children’s pool is the suitable area for breeding seals in the United States. Many harbor seals pups are born at the beach every season. Another benefit is seals waste is quickly and naturally took in into the ecosystem as nutrients for invertebrates and scavenger species, which are then fed upon by other species. Another positive effect of having harbor seals at La Jolla’s children pool beach is the economic benefits. There are many visitors and tourist whom come to visit La Jolla’s, and they are up to eighty hundreds of people visit it per month.

This will provide the revenue of San Diego State for local businesses. Tourism means more money for families to get jobs. It will help San Diego budget, and it solves the financial problems for the city. In addition, there are not many places that people could go and see seals without paying for such wonderful natural thing. On the other hand, it will be expensive for the government to keep this beach clean, but still people gets a chance to work and live. There are many restaurants and hotels which service the tourist and give an opportunity to get of unemployment.

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This is why Lo Jolla is the richest area in San Diego state. It is good source of money. On the other hand, there is another consequence which is seals have their own rights. Serge Dedina Summarized that any action by the city that disturbs the seals would be a violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act because animals have their own rights just like human and it should be respected. Another search which shows that there are maps from one thousand and eight hundreds of they continued to make their homes there, so the seals in the children pool are not “invaded” the beach.

There are many beaches that children of La Jolla and San Diego can use. In brief, it is really excited thing to have the seals in San Diego state. It has great, positive effects at the city. It’s a wonderful classroom for the children, good source of money, and seals have their own rights that should be protected by human. It is a truly time for everyone to take more positive actions to keep the seals where it is. There are many beaches that the children of La Jolla can use.


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