sometimes feel sad, moody or unhappy from time to time, but some people undergo
these bad feelings for a long period of time that may continue to weeks, months
and even years and sometimes without any reasonable reason. Depression is more than
bad feelings. It is a serious condition that causes many physical and mental
disorders, and it affects over 125 million people around the world. It is
difficult to avoid depression even if you have already had a previous one, but have
you ever thought about the steps that prevent it? These are three of the best
steps you can use to prevent or avoid depression habits.

first step is to take care of your body. It is one of the best steps you can do
for your mental and physical health. According to a lot of research, exercise
can help reduce and prevent depression and many mental disorders. For example,
it increases the body temperature, which has a calming effect on the central
nervous system. It can release chemicals that have a big role in promoting
mood, such as endorphins. Moreover, exercising can prevent depression by doing
some great and enjoyable outdoor activities that can make you feel more happy
and sociable. For instance, you can join sports team like yoga or kickboxing
where you will be one of the community in addition to be active. Exercising can
improve self-confidence, which is the best thing to avoid depression. Physical
fitness can increase self-confidence and improve positive self-image regarding
to weight, size, and shape. Eating unhealthy diet can make you lose vital
nutrients that help to maintain physical and mental health for your body. You
have to eat balanced meals that contain a lot of fruits, vegetables, and
protein. According to many scientific studies, people who have insomnia have a high
risk of depression compared to those who sleep well, so you have to get plenty
of sleep.

second step is to do things that make time pass quickly. If you spend your time
on different activities, you will not feel depressed because it will help you
pass time and improve your mood. If you are a student you have to study more to
get excellent grades and pass the quizzes and midterms. If you are studying,
you should not study the whole time. Students should take a break for ten to
fifteen minutes in each hour because it will create stress, which is a risk
factor for depression. Moreover, using the Internet can make the time go faster.
For example, you can be in touch with your family and friends by using social
media on the Internet, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, you can
connect with your friends by playing some games online on the Internet. In
addition, having a part time job is the best way to make time move unnoticeably
which can help reduce the feeling of depression. Not only this will help you
pass time, it will also help you to get money.

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third step is to have positive attitudes. Being optimistic can help you stay
away from depression. You have to be optimistic and keep a positive outlook on your
life even if you have passed through troubled time. Smiling is one of the best
positive attitudes. You should smile to reduce depression by thinking of happy
memories or the last thing that made you smile. Smiling can also release
important chemicals, such as serotonin and endorphins, which are known as the
hormones of happiness. Moreover, uploading something positive to your brain
like reading some sentences of your favorite books make you feel positive and
happy. Another example is to read about successful people and what they did to
succeed. These stories about successful people can upload positivity to your
mind. You have to stop blaming yourself because it leads to depression. If you
are taking


everything on your shoulders and
thinking about everything that goes badly as your fault, it will increase
depression and mental disorders. If you have positive attitudes, it will reduce
depression and bad attitudes, and it will make you feel happy and be more
flexible. Furthermore, it makes you more creative and it can help you to make
effective decisions, and also it increases your chance of success.

summary, taking care of your body, doing things that make time go faster, and
having positive attitudes are the most effective steps to avoid or prevent
depression. Taking care of your body which includes exercising, eating healthy
diet, and getting plenty of sleep and rest can reduce some factors which cause
depression and mental disorders. Spending your time by doing different
activities can help you prevent the feeling of depression. Having positive
attitudes, smiling with people, and being optimistic can reduce depression by
releasing important chemicals. Sometimes it is difficult to prevent depression,
but if you use the previous steps, it will help prevent not only depression but
also many mental and health disorders. we should always remember that our bad
situations are not our final destination




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