In my studies of how divorce effects children, and how we can take an action to help them the 2 most common effects these children experience are depression and suicide which are 2 serious issues that needs to be solved.

Depression is a common feeling that everyone goes through, in order to help these children, I would suggest that a community for helping children in need should take place.Such as, having your child come in twice a week for 6-12 months and in this community, there will be trained psychologists who will sit with children 12-18 years of age and have them discuss with each other so that they feel like they always have someone to talk to, someone that understands them because they’re all going through something similar. This will take some time as it’s a process to make children open about their personal issues in order for the helpers to identify and find solutions to overcome depression.If this course of action works, over a period of time results should be noticeable within these children by observing the way they act, the way they socialise and most importantly how they feel physically and mentally. Suicide is another factor that is linked with depression and is also a very genuine issue that is very common with mainly young teenagers.A way of helping these children is also having a community where children can talk, but instead of mixing children with different age groups, have children talk with their peers.

Having someone to talk to is they key because knowing that someone is going through the same thing as you reassure them that they’re not alone, and may feel sympathy for each other which leads to finding solutions to help each other.Talking to a counsellor individually and having frequent meetings can also help since someone is always checking on you are making sure you’re okay, if suicide ideation is too serious then it is advised that children are put into a “happy place” where it’s a friendly environment surrounded by love at times, but a place where serious help is given to these children. If this community such as the happy place helps these children get past this suicide ideation stage then the results are working. This process can take up to a year to see positive results.