Dennis Second, when it arrived at the pediatrics

Quaid, along with his wife Kimberly Buffington, had to under go what you might call
a “nightmare scenario.” The two had given birth to their beautiful twins,
Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, on November 12, 2007. However, the twins were given
the wrong dosage of a medication, which caused the twins to be in critical
condition. The family took legal actions towards the medical center that caused
the incident to happen. After all the legal actions that took place, everything
was sorted out.

            The married couple were pregnant
with fraternal twins, and quite excited for them to be born. Cedars-Sinai
Medical Center was where the couple gave birth to their twins. About two weeks
of the babies being born, it was stated that they had developed a Staph
infection and needed Heparin. On November 18, 2007, six days after the twins
birth, they both “received a massive overdose of the blood-thinning drug
Heparin” (ABC News). “When the Quaid’s called the hospital to check on their
condition, they were told that the babies were “fine,” even though the hospital
was treating tem for overdose, which left the babies vulnerable to extreme
bleeding” (Manning, E.).

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            Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington
were devastated with what had happened, and quickly took this to court. With
this, they found out there was a third baby in the same medical center that had
a large dosage of Heparin as well, which resulted in death. The court was
supposed to be held at Cook Country Circuit Court in Chicago, with their lawyer
Susan E. Loggans. They all wanted to make sure that this never happens again,
and the Baxter Healthcare Corp. changes their labeling for the medication and
dosage. Especially when their children were in a life-threatening situation.

            The cause for this malpractice was
from several healthcare providers. At first, a pharmacy technician did not have
a second technician verify that they were taking it out of the supply. Second,
when it arrived at the pediatrics unit where another pharmacy technician was
supposed to verify the amount of the medication, that technician also failed to
do what they are supposed to do. Lastly, the nurses even didn’t read the dosage
and if it was the correct medication before administering it to the twins. With
this, all these healthcare providers who failed to do their job, were fired and
facing consequences.

            Fortunately, the twins were able to
heal from this terrible mistake. The Quaid’s are still trying to make this
aware to the public and medical facilities, so these simple mistakes aren’t
made. Unfortunately, some incidents still occur with Heparin overdose to
babies. With the family make this public, the Baxter Healthcare Corp. has
changed their labeling to Heparin and other medications to warn other medical
facilities to the dangers it causes. Hopefully these changes will make a change
to all the overdosing situations.

            The twins are now nine years old and
healthy. Since the incident, the Quaid’s haven’t sued the Cedars-Sinai. The
outcome went quite well with having the twins doing fine, and the Baxter
Healthcare Corp. changing their labeling. With this, many hospitals began using
barcodes to match the patient with the correct medication and dosage. Although
many changes occur, there’s always going to be a wrong doing in medical