Deniz Su ?ahin
143.Academic Thinking and Writing
Ress. Assist. Fatma G. Erkan

                                                Differences Between Anime and Cartoon

          From its emergence, cartoon has always been popular among people. The path which it
opened, has led movie and animation industry to today’s world and also provided its own unique culture to everyone from all ages. Cartoon plays a big role in everyone’ childhood.  On the other hand, characteristics of anime has surpassed the fame of cartoon. It became a huge deal ever since it came out and spread all over the world. From child to an adult, everyone becomes a fan of anime. Not only because of its specificity but also of its profundity and the other properties which are visual supremacy, contemporary origins and qualified themes.
        First of all, while cartoon has unnatural visuals anime has natural visuals which resembles the human life. For example, cartoon characters usually do not resemble humans but anime characters do. Although anime characters usually have unique physical appearances like big eyes and colorful hair it is still closer to real life rather than cartoon characters whose physical appearances are very far from reality. Besides, in anime, background depict the scene’ atmosphere. For example, anime often put emphasis on things like changing seasons and war which happens in the real world. In contrast, one can not see things like that in cartoons most of the time. It has non-exist places and eras. In other words, it can be said that anime is superior on visuals because of its natural animation style and background visuals. 
        In addition, anime era started much later than cartoon era. Cartoon era started in 1877. It has originated in the form of  fairy tales and stop-motion films to appeal children. It was about animals and heroes and immediately after its release it marginalized as ”Children Entertainment”. On the other hand, anime era began in 1917 in the short-silent movie form. It was about a Japanese folk story which was clearly not to appeal children.    Both genre had many difficulties at the start. For example when anime first started, it was in the middle of the World War I and all of the studious got destroyed during this time and it was difficult to make money. Also Great Kanto Earthquake wiped out all the studious. Like anime, cartoon studious had problems like low number of employee and financial problems. After a while cartoon started to get very popular and the most famous and popular cartoon animation company took the lead, that company is no one but ”Walt Disney”. It created hit cartoons and won many awards. Because it has much more wider audience and and anime came much later it took very long for anime to get noticed. But in the 1980 which is called ”The Golden Age” for anime, this genre started to become international. Everyone can agree that it is much more harder for a Japanese animation to become famous when there is English creations. Because it came later anime started with more high quality and modern works. It can not be said that cartoon pawed the way for anime because this two are very different from each other. Anime started more strong in content even though it started in the middle of a war. 
      Overall, themes of anime and cartoon are both unique but anime has more variation. Both of them have many different concepts. While cartoon usually focus on heroes, children and animals; anime has concepts like sport, war, in-future. Cartoon concepts are less violent compared to anime concepts. Cartoons always end with happy-ending but we can not say the same with anime. While cartoon focus on learning a lesson, anime focus on the main theme which can be the cruelty of world, a war, a love story; it does not have to be peaceful and educational. Animes’ theme is not depended on the audience’ liking and this makes anime superior on the theme content because of its freedom. 
      Lastly, anime is superior in visual, origin and themes because it has more freedom in terms of audience liking. It is very different than cartoons. It shows the true color of animation and the contents are much closer to real life. We can always find a peace of ourselves in the creations and this is what makes this genre better than cartoon. 


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