Delegate Name: Khaja Fazeel Shariff


Topic A: Establishing a
Good-practice Framework for unpaid Internship

Country: India

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Having a guaranteed and well
established internship is a dream for every University fresh graduate. Even if
its an unpaid internship the fresh graduates are still willing to work because
it insures and gives a kick start to their carious.


India is a well –set example of
having a good framework for unpaid internship despite of have a huge population
of 1.3 billion out of which nearly 40 present of population is bellow 20 age
and almost have of the population is about 20-59 age. Which make it one of the
most competitive societies in today’s world. Being a member of ECOSOC India
believes that having good well Established frame-work for unpaid internship
will ensure to funnel its young human resource in a structured and skilled


India joined the United Nation is
1945 even before getting independence from British. India was still given a
seat at the United Nation despite of being British colonies. Later India got
independence in 1947 and still continues to be a member of the United Nation in





Having a proper structure for university
programs that ensure students an experience periods and networking environment
for future career opportunities.

Organizing an event were the companies gets to
market them self which gives a chance to the students to come across a verity
of career opportunities. 

government should create a committee which will make sure that the unpaid
intern is provide with benefits (without pay) like good working environment,
insurance related to work injuries, working hours as promised and job task as
promised on hiring.

Every unpaid interns should be hired on singed
contract that clarifies that he or she is ageing the terms of unpaid
internship. This gives safety to both intern and company in legal bounders.

The university should be involved between the
intern and the company while hiring to make sure that he intern is hired in a
proper legal manner.



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