of Resource Management:

Resource management is
a technique which is used to benefit from all the resources available in an
effective way. It is a form of planning primary materials and arranging them so
that all the resources are applied to the right tasks and reach the goals with
the least amount of waste and misplacement. Resource management includes
salaries, employees, buildings, vehicles, tools, supplies, machines and more. Resource management is concerned with the question of a
way to use sources correctly, successfully and economically. Resources cost money for a business
enterprise, that’s why they need to be controlled cautiously. In
any other case it
could throw off the whole agenda if the right resources aren’t available when they’re wanted. Organizations want to ensure that they procure them in a cost-effective way and that they
may generate fee for the organization. Resource management guarantees that the task is on time and scope through the effective allocation of resources. It additionally makes sure that group individuals
recognize what their roles and assignments
are. For
this reason, it
is an essential part
of the project planning technique.

and Techniques:

Resource leveling is a
way of resource management whose objectives is to find underused humans or sources inside an organization and positions them to work. Resource leveling considers all resources, humans and appliances to decide if some
of those assets are being underused, or might
be used in a
place where they can
be more productive. For example, a supervisor of
one department, who can
also be working in another department or a
person in
the finance department who could genuinely be very useful in
the production department.

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The traditional approach is another method that became approved and used
from hundreds of years ago because of the positive results it achieved. Traditional
approach involves the initiation stage, planning stage, production
stage, controlling and the completion stage of the process. This technique is mostly used when developing
a new product, and may also be used when getting something new to the company.

Resource limited schedule is another technique and it is used to achieve
maximum efficiency when the resources are limited for a project and the manager responsibility
is to be able to benefit from the available resources to reach the goal.

Breakdown structure is a listing done by the manager or someone else
from the team at the beginning of the project and it includes the important
resources arranged from due to their importance.  



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