The different theories of management are classical management theory, behavioral management theory, quantitative management theory, systems management theory, contingency management theory, and quality management theory. The classical management theory focuses on finding the one best way to perform and manage task. The behavioral management theory recognizes employees as individuals with concrete human needs, as parts of work groups, and members of a larger society. The quantitative management theory uses quantitative tools to help plan and control nearly everything in an organization.

The systems management theory holds that an organization comprises various parts that must perform tasks necessary for the survival and proper functioning of the system as a whole. The contingency management theory is based on the premise that manager’s preferred actions or approaches depend on the variables of the situations they face. The quality management theory states that the essence of the quality of any output is its ability to meet the needs of the person or group.

I’m the manager of two youth programs one for pre-delinquent youth and the other is a detention alternative program. I utilize all of the management theories in some form, shape, or fashion. Even though the classic theory of management may seem outdated due to other management theories coming along I still find at times that I have to find the one best way to perform a task. An issue that I constantly have in the pre-delinquent program is parents not showing up to their scheduled intake appointments.

The one best way that I’ve learned to solve the issue is to schedule the appointments in the middle of the week and offer transportation to and from the appointment. This solution has been very successful for me. The company that I work for is a behavioral health organization so it’s only right that I would utilize the behavioral management theory. The majority of the consumers that we service are from an urban environment so it is vital for my team to be on point at all times as it can be a dangerous job.

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The way that I keep them on point and of high morale is to first give them ownership of their job. We have planning meetings where they get to voice their opinions and have their ideas implemented into the programs. My employees have goals and objectives and they get to highlight their individual talents. I use quantitative management theory when doing my budget, census, and planning reports as they deal with numbers that can indicate and solve problems.

The systems theory of management is use when I utilize the various parts of my organization to accomplish my job. I also deal with various people and other organizations that have a stake in our consumer’s lives and they are all connected in some way. I utilize the contingency management theory everyday because I face change and many variables arise in different situations. One example is in the detention alternative program the youth are on electronic bracelets and we have to pick them up from home as ordered by the courts.

Every pickup and family is different and I find myself having to find the best method of dealing with the youth and their families as they all have different situations and charges. I use the quality management theory to provide a quality service to our consumers, their families, the community, and our funding source. The classic management theory states overall that there is one best way to perform and manage tasks it doesn’t take into consideration variables of situations that management and employees may face on a day to day basis.

With the classic management theory employees were taught a precise way of doing their jobs and were not asked or allowed to deviate from the way that they were taught. Contingency management theory on the other hand encourages managers to try new things, to experiment, to think outside the box of the past until the right means is found. It encourages managers to stay flexible and consider alternatives when attempting to solve problems. Contingency management theory accounts for the diversity in most of today’s organizations


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