Defence Day 6 September 1965 is a very bright day in the history of Pakistan. It is the day on which everyone in the whole nation is proud of. This is because we Pakistanis on that day were able to protect ourselves from the aggression of our neighbour who was much bigger in power than us. It is also known as Youm-e-Difa. And we celebrate it as national day on 6 September, in memory of those who sacrificed in war for their country. Defending country means you are strong enough to protect yourselves and your people from any aggression. We are proud that we have the ability to give tough time to anyone who attacks us.

Not only this was a message for the Indians, it was our message for any country in the world that we are a strong and alive nation and will stand for ourselves. The war was fought between Pakistan and India for the issue of Kashmir. India attacked Pakistan from Lahore side, during dead of night. It was hoping that it will not take it longer to conquer Lahore. But our brave forces and brave nation didn’t let it do that. Pakistani army officers & soldiers have made new examples of bravery in this war. Government has given Nishan-e-Haider to many officers.

Nishan-e-Haider is a special award, given to brave martyred people in Pakistan, who have shown remarkable bravery & sacrifice. We celebrate this day with pride and passion. Pakistan army arrange special functions in which it display its latest missiles, tanks, guns, army aviation helicopters and armament being used by Engineers. Everyone is allowed to watch these things and they are also displayed on national channels. Nation songs and special documents about 6th September are shown on TV shows. Names of brave martyred people of 6th September are displayed and information about them is given to our youth.

Special dramas to motivate our nation are also played on TV channels. Today we celebrate this day to tell people how our ancestors were brave at that crucial time, they didn’t hesitate to even sacrifice their lives. We were weaker then our opponents, yet we gave them tough time, and didn’t allow to take hold on us. We should be like them and feel no hesitation for any service to our country. In the end we can say that an environment of patriot passion is generated in the whole county on Defense Day. Everyone decides in his mind he will do such works which will be significant for the country and pray for the independence of the country.

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