Deep down the food they keep it in

Deep in the oceans of the of the world there is an  awesome looking creature that has really powerful venom that could be fatal to humans. This tiny but yet powerful creature can be found by the big island Maui, Oahu, Kauai, south Africa, Mozambique and Australia.. It is know that this creature is so little and sometimes washes up on the beach and people should know to look but do not touch . By the time this is done you should be inserted in the amazing blue glaucus. This awesome looking creator as an amazing looking body. It is typical just an inch and a  maximum size of 35mm. This blue glaucus has no bones weird right? They can kill a animal that is twice his size, like the man o’ war jellyfish.  Blue glaucus can store venom in its cerata to kill its victim. The venom in this animal can led to death in humans.The blue glaucus diet consists off of  Portuguese  man o’ war  which have tentacles that can reach an average of 30 feet . They do not break down the food they keep it in the cell called nematocysts cell. A nematocysts is a cell that could cause fever, shock and cause problems with the heart and lungs. In very rare cases this venom has even lead to death to man o’ war jellyfish and sometimes humans. The blue glaucus is thought to reflect harmful UV rays. However, it is unknown whether this is true or not. This is how this amazing animal survives around the world.The  blue glaucus lives in  big island Maui, Oahu, Kauai, south Africa, Mozambique and Australia. There habitat mostly is mainly just the surface of the water but that is only just two types of blue glaucus. They live in hot temperature water and tropical waters that is why they live in the hotter places around the world.   Did you find cool amazing facts about the blue glaucus . This is a one of a kind of creature is one to be reacted with. Go and check this animal out you’ll be surprised to what i haven’t covered yet . This is why i choose this amazing looking but yet small creature as my animal research project.