Elizabeth Cady Stanton composed the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions for the agreement of rights and/or privileges of women at Seneca Falls, New York. As an analysis of the American Declaration of Independence, the Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions asked for equality with men before the law in terms of education and employment. For a better comprehension with regard to the Sentiments, the author, herself, discusses how society has necessarily kept fundamental rights from women for far too long.

Her first approach, based on the Sentiments, states the real functions of man, which has given by the One who created all the creatures on earth. Moreover, she respects such a way in which the man should work on the things or tasks, which have been given to him; any other creatures, besides him, cannot take and/or handle any obligations on earth. Nevertheless, she, herself, knows the fact that men and women are created equally; the Creature gives rights and/or privileges such as life, freedom and joy.

She is acquainted with the fact that the society, which governs people, is also aware of these rights and/or privileges that have been given by the Creator to every created man and woman on earth. In spite of that fact, this society does not respect the truth that which concerns the equal rights and/or privileges of every man and woman, that it tries acknowledging the difference between ‘man’ and ‘woman’ under any circumstances or conditions.

Thus, when those who are in trouble and are deprived of liberty by the society to take such rights and/or privileges, then they should withhold acceptance of the orders, which takes away their safety and happiness. Moreover, she believes that skill and good judgment in the use of resources are one of the best elements to achieve real freedom to live safely and happily. Therefore, these elements should hinder the causes of grievous sufferance of creatures on earth—and such creatures are women who experience abuses from a system of government in which the ruler (man) has unlimited power.

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Additionally, she acknowledges the proof, which shows how men abuses women. She states that men deprive women of the right to avail membership in professional leagues; thus, women are deprived of liberty to handle any obligations and functions within an organization or a company and the liberty to live as an acknowledged citizen in the world. Although men and women are legally married, only men can use the properties of women and women’s wages they have earned from working; thus, women obey their husband’s will.

It is their obligations to share their earnings with their husbands. In addition to her Sentiments, she distinguishes the fact that men obviously do not allow women to attain the highest level of education; thus, women obviously have limited knowledge and power to act and react. She identifies the proof that men do not allow women to participate in church’s public affairs; thus, women usually do not experience freedom to live and act happily.

She acknowledges these circumstances or situations as a proof that women are deprived of liberty of the rights and/or privileges in terms of employment, education as well as church issues and concerns. Therefore, women through the Sentiments of Stanton, insist the federal government of the nation to give them the real rights and/or privileges, which belong to them as citizens of the United States of America.


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