Making decisions is perhaps the most basic of all facts of life. With every step, a person decides where he or she should go. One would always be faced with many options, and the biggest concern in this regard is whether one would be happy or regretful of the decision made. It cannot be helped that there are decisions many would have wanted to change.

Unfortunately, it cannot be taken back and man could only move forward. On the other hand, this can be lessened. A careful process of deciding over matters can lessen the regrets and heartaches, especially when issues can truly be life changing.There would definitely be a certain feeling of fear. Deciding on what the next step should be is putting one’s self into an unknown territory. However, as philosophers would say, if the decision is truly yours, without the influence of other people, you will be without regrets.

In this light, and for the purpose of enlightening myself with what I should really do, I would like to discuss an issue I have to decide on. This does not only make the discussion more realistic, it will also help me about what I should do.This does not mean that in every predicament, people should write a full text to compare either side of the issue and find a clear answer. This is only to illustrate how decision theories can be practically applied to real life.

The problem at hand is that I am currently working for a company who actually pays well and is within South Carolina. Currently, I was offered to relocate to another office in Florida. Although the salary offered would be the same, the company will still pay for my relocation. From this basic perspective, it seems like an easy problem to tackle. However, there are other factors that will influence my decision.

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Other people may say what I should do about this offer, but the opinion of others should be disregarded as I follow a process that may provide me the appropriate answer. Other people cannot decide for me. In the process of finding enlightenment, concepts and ideas from the discussion through the course will also be incorporated into the text to make the entire process as systematic as it could be. For other people, these could already be applied without them knowing that they are applying them already.

Even by simply listing the pros and cons of an issue is the beginning of properly making a decision.It is about covering all grounds before finally saying which side can actually provide greater benefits. With this, the aim of the paper is to provide an illustration of the advantages and disadvantages of staying in the current office and to the office in Florida. This is to bluntly present the issue to find an answer. This is not just for academic purposes, but also for personal benefit and enlightenment.

About the Company Involved I believe it is important to know the company to be able to weigh the pros and cons better. By taking a macro perspective, I am able to better grasp what I am being involved with.The company I am working for is Walgreens. It is the country’s leading store chain for drugs, as well as one of the largest retailers of America. As part of their mission, they would treat each individual with just levels of respect and dignity. The same will be given to those they serve.

They also aim to provide individuals of different backgrounds a foundation to build their careers. They also aim to provide the most convenient means in having access to healthcare services, as well as goods in America. They will always make an effort to earn the trust of customers and other stakeholders.

Building shareholder value is also part of their priorities. In 1901, a man named Charles Walgreen bought a store where he worked as a pharmacist. Eight years later, the second store opened with a soda fountain. By 1925, the company has 65 branches. Twenty seven years later, it opened its very first self serving drugstore.

The year 1992, on the other hand, marked the opening of free standing and drive through stores. By the year 2003, there are 4,000 Walgreen stores open for public service. According to an online article, the Walgreens Anderson Distribution Center is given praise for its efforts to promote diversity.They were awarded during the Upstate Diversity Leadership Awards Dinner. With other individuals and companies awarded during the same night, the office I worked for was awarded for their training and hiring individuals who are either physically or mentally disabled. The same article mentioned that a good portion of their workforce (38%) comprise this category of individuals. They were praised for keeping their doors open towards these individuals giving just opportunities and growth.

This statistic was reported by Greater Greenville Chamber of Commerce, the article mentioned.The company was also recognized for being the first management known to apply this strategy by hiring a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds. The article further mentioned that other companies are following their footsteps.

It is no longer for the award, but for the realization that opening their doors and giving opportunities to individuals from different walks of life can also be beneficial for the entire growth of the company and workforce. The article mentioned that since the center was opened, the company has been the focus of top news networks to cover the strategies they apply in their offices.Also, public icons recognize the company as a means of lifting the social and economic status of the entire state.

Because they hire a diverse selection of individuals, those who are commonly without jobs due to their disabilities, jobs are filled and the state is raised to the next level of progress. Discussion The problem at hand is to answer whether I should relocate to the Florida office from South Carolina. Either office seems to provide sufficient benefits. Likewise, there are also definite disadvantages. These will be presented through background checks, as well as through personal experiences and observations.Office in South Carolina Advantages of Walgreens Andersons Distribution Center Housing. Currently, my residence is in a location that I have become used to live in. It is a stable and affordable place for me to live in.

I have lived in house for a long time and have considered it as home. It has provided me the comfort I yearn for in a home. It became a huge part of me.

My home is also an investment. The furniture and other memorabilia on the walls of my home are pieces that hold a special place in my heart. But it is not just the very item displayed on counter and table tops. It is also about the memories attached to it.

To have them around me all the time, in its unmoved manner, also gives me the feeling that I am truly at home. Everything is in place, just the way I placed it. Family and Friends. Not all my family members are within reach from my current office. But the family I have here are established people, an assurance that I have someone to go to when problems arise. I have grown accustomed to having them close by. There are times when family members are too far for me to visit, or in case of family gatherings, it becomes inconvenient for me. The distance between our homes would be too problematic for us because it would consume much time and effort.

My circles of friends are also within reach. This provides me the comfort that I will not be alone. It also suggests that when I need something, even when I suddenly feel like being with them for awhile, they are only a phone call away or a short ride. They would never be too far. It also keeps me from being anti social.

Since my family and friends will be near, I do not feel like a stranger. Furthermore, it is not just about the friends I have made. It also involves those who I met along the way. Those who are stationed in the stores and food places that I constantly visit are also a big part of me.They greet me every time I visit. They are also the people who have surpassed the small talk we constantly exchange with acquaintances. Wage. The salary and benefits I receive from the office I am currently working with provide me a wage that is enough for me to live on, as well as to splurge from time to time.

It does not give me too much stress, unless, of course, I spent too much. I have been able to set an appropriate allowance for each criterion of expenses, like food, clothing, entertainment, and also for my savings—in case of emergencies. The wage I receive is just enough for the kind of life I live in South Carolina.I believe the salary they give me is just enough for the kind of country lifestyle I have.

Costs of Living. In relation to the wages, a country lifestyle could mean simple living. To elaborate, this means that I do not require too much items to keep myself within acceptable bounds of the area. Being more of the country side, items are not overpriced.

Since the market is the scale of the area, items like groceries and clothing, are not as expensive as that of city living. It matches the salary scale of the working individuals in the area. Transportation.Being that the area is not as advanced as other locations in the country, the modes of transportation are also simple enough for the residents within the area. They are not as fancy because people would rather functionality that “fashionability”. However, the latter could be an advantage. This country side is not that behind from technological advancements. More importantly, regarding the modes of transportation here, I am quite aware of how the flow of traffic happens.

I know which time of the day would be better for commuting, driving or by simply walking. It has become a routine for me to know the schedules of the public vehicles here.I could get home with my eyes closed. I have mastered the route. Climate. South Carolina is known to have a rather humid and slightly tropical climate.

The mountains would have a cooler temperature. There is also ample rainfall. Snow falls a couple of times in a year, but more on the mountains. This is the nature of the climate that I have grown used to. Disadvantage of Walgreens Andersons Distribution Center Being that this is the place I have grown to love living in, I find that there are less disadvantages.

It could be the bias or the inner fear speaking. It is, after all, home for me.But for the sake of growth, I thought about some disadvantages in staying with my current job. After scrutinizing the advantages I have listed prior to this section of the paper, I found that I have become too attached to the place I live in, and with the people I have growth to live with.

I bonded myself to a comfort zone that seems to prohibit me from growing further as a person. Furthermore, I have not only attached myself to the place and people. In the process so far, I found that somehow I lost myself. I have become part of this place too long that I did not find that progress that I could still be doing.The life I have here has become routine that I was disallowed to step out of the norm.

Rather, I built a fear within me that I could not simply walk out of it. It is either a fear of failing or a fear of succeeding. That is because from either side, I find that I am uncertain about what to do next just yet. Knowing what I want is still a continuous battle I am fighting. On the other hand, although there is a fear, there is also desire. There is a desire for certain changes. Because of the routine nature, I feel that I am stagnant when I should be moving forward. Office in Florida Advantages of Jupiter Florida Distribution Center Housing.

There will be a definite change in setting. It will be a new and different change. It will mark something new and challenging. A change in environment will be the point where in a new chapter of my life begins anew. The change in setting can be a definite positive turn of events in my life so far. With a new home, a new exciting life could be waiting for me. Family and Friends. By relocating to Florida, I am given the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, and to try to leave the shadows that could be hindering me from growing.

Since I get used to having family around, relocating will give me the option to grow.Likewise, by relocating, I am able to broaden my circle of friends. It is not as if relocating will stop the friends I have grown to love and respect for them. With the current advances in telecommunication, I believe friends will still be a call away. We might not be able to see each other as often, but there are still a lot of ways technology allows us to keep in touch with these people. It is not stepping away from them. It is about stepping for myself. My memories with them will be those that will keep me strong.

Wage. The company did not offer any salary increase. However, they will be responsible for the expenses of my relocation.This, of course, supports my savings as they are left untouched during the transfer. Costs of Living. Since I am still earning for myself, I might not need to adjust my expenses as much. There is still no family to feed. With this, I might be able to say that I will require little adjustments in my expenditures.

I can continue to live with the simple lifestyle that is suitable for the wage I will continue to receive. Transportation. Being in a busy location, where business and lifestyles are fast paced, maybe I can assume that there are different options for public transportation.Even if I could drive to work or walk if I find a closer residence to the office, for other necessities I might just take the public transportation. By allowing me to choose which route I should take, I am able to evade from heavy traffic.

Climate. Florida is known for the bright sunshine along its coasts. I did a little research and found that the summers there are relatively longer and winters are fairly humid. In comparison to the climate in South Carolina, Florida is a warmer place to live in. It is definitely different from the one that I am used to having.However, the change of climate could be good for me. Disadvantages of Jupiter Florida Distribution Center Housing. Although I have been promised by the company that my relocating expenses will be paid for, they did not assure me of a residence that will within the scale that I could afford.

Being the Florida is, as mentioned earlier, a fast paced city living area, paying for lodgings could be relatively higher as well. It might not fit the budget I have set. To alter how much of my earnings would go to housing expenses will also have an effect on how much I can put aside for other expenditures.Moreover, the location I could be transferring to could be an area that is not suitable for my taste and preferences. It might be the only place fit for the budget I have set for lodgings, but I might not be very happy about it. This could be a very big problem because I have left a place of comfort for something uncertain. Family and Friends.

The sad part of every move is to leave everything that you have known to have around. As I have mentioned in the earlier sections of this paper, my family and friends in South Carolina is the circle of my comfort zone. I could get home sick. This slight depression can affect my productivity at work.

Adjustment will take time. But before I get there, it will definitely be a challenge. Wage. There will be no change on the salary they would give me for my services.

Although I mentioned that since I am still earning for my own expenses and savings, there will be little difference on how I would adjust the money to the different expenditures. However, the amount they are giving me is only for the services I shall be rendering for them. They might be paying for the relocation. But they are not paying for the other extra expenses that come along with it. It does not cover the amount of effort exerted to even plan the relocation.

They are not paying my struggles to even adjust to the new environment. The different locations of both offices are really contrasting to one another. Cost of Living. Knowing that the area I might relocate to is a city, perhaps I can assume that expenses could be more expensive than in South Carolina. Products will not only be more expensive, but there might also be a huge selection per category of item that choosing might be a challenge as well. In the beginning, it did not seem that there will be any difference.

But the fact that city living is different from the country life I am used to, there could be other unforeseen expenses.On top of that, shifting to a different lifestyle might call for a whole different array of changes and adjustments. This could include social affairs, community participations and personal benefits. I could be influenced to spend more than I should. That could be an avenue for my financial and personal downfall. Transportation. I could get lost.

Because there are more streets, more avenues, more vehicles, and more people, the adjustment period can be rather difficult for me when traveling to and from work. There could be heavy traffic and I would have to adjust my schedules as well.It is definitely part of the changes I will have to face if I do relocate to this office.

However, am I ready to take part in a crowded area? I fear overwhelmed feelings. Climate. Since the climates in South Carolina and in Florida are very different, my body might not be able to adjust well. Although I affirmed that the change could be good for me, no matter how much I would like to stay there, my body may reject the change after staying so long in a place having a cooler temperature through the year. This effect on the body may result to a different attitude towards staying in Florida. Close ComparisonsAfter having presented the facts involving my tentative relocation, it seems that one overpowers the other. Is staying in South Carolina really the choice for me? Or is Florida a new beginning for me? In South Carolina, I am used to living there. Countless memories reside in my very home and with my neighbors.

My home has become a personal investment as it stands to present the events that have happened in my life. In relation to my family and friends within the area, I know they will always be there for comfort. Through the ups and downs, they would not be too far for me to visit and be entertained.Regarding my wage and living expenses, the salary I earn from work is already sufficient and set for my daily expenditures.

I am even able to save enough in case of emergencies. The transportation available is also more for function than fashion as it suits the residence well. The climate is also that cool temperature that coats the streets and mountains.

On the other hand, staying with this office will hinder me from growing farther. Relocating to Florida is an opportunity I should grasp with both hands. But the fear that resides in me forbids me to simply accept the company’s offer.Although there will be a lot of rough changes, the relocation can also mean personal growth. Meanwhile, relocating to Florida can be a good thing.

The most obvious change would be the change in environment. This could be an advantage for me because it will allow me to take another chapter in my life. This means that by changing what is around me, I am called to change the kind of life I have lived. It could also mean vast improvement.

Relocating would also allow me to extend my circle of friends. The family and friends I have in South Carolina will forever be a part of me. It could be time for me to find more friends, and to know more people.The diversity I have learned from the company’s vision became a huge part of me as I also wish to know people from different walks of life. The wages seems to be enough. The unchanging rate will allow me to still keep a part of South Carolina within me.

Since there are no extreme changes in the expenses, and that I am still earning and saving for myself, the adjustments would not be that great. The array of transportation options gives me the opportunity to get to different destinations without the hassle of having specific stops. The climate is definitely different, and the warm sun could be good for my skin and perception about the changes.

In the meantime, there are also disadvantages with the relocation. The home I have known for a long time could be terribly missed. The place I would transfer to could be too different from the other one for comfort, and it could be more expensive than expected. I may be able to find a home of the same caliber, but there are other factors to influence this choice: distance from work and from other important establishments I will most likely visit constantly. There could also be a slight depression from being far away from my family and friends.

This may ultimately affect my productivity at work.There are no changes with the salary the company is giving me and they are even paying for my relocation. Unfortunately, there are other costs regarding the matter. There are emotional, mental and spiritual changes that cannot be paid for. To be placed in a really contrasting environment with the first can confuse a person. The transportation options can lead me to different directions. If I am not careful, I could get lost.

Although one could say that I will learn my way some day, they adjustment would still take time. The difference in climate may also be rejected by my body, as I am used to cooler areas.Regardless of my wanting to stay, it may have negative effects on my physical self. Incorporation of Decision Making Concepts Decision making has become rampant and huge challenges to many people. Advices are asked from other people and computer programs are even designed to help people solve their problems. Unfortunately, these sources can only suggest and provide alternatives for it does not involve the feelings of the person. Even if it was taken into consideration, the only person who can choose the action to be made concerning the problem is the one who is making the decision.In regards to my problem, the list I have enumerated in this paper has already been influenced by the ideas and suggestions by the people who are close to me.

But in the end, they have all said that I would still be the one who shall decide no matter what they shared with me. According to the discussion, it was said that with other people involved in making a decision, it is less likely that important points will be overlooked. However, with my issue is more of a personal predicament. When the issue concerns more people, I believe it is wise to ask other people.But for personal concerns, the final word can only be made by the one who is to be most affected by the decision. In this case, that would be me. There would be the influences of other people as they suggest points to me that would also be for my benefit.

Yet, in the end, it is still my choice to make. As I have done in the earlier sections of the paper, it is important to carefully delegate the pros and cons regarding each side of an issue. This is to grasp a macro perspective of the problem as it is analyzed and clarified. This is also to find out what is more important to the one who is making the decision.In relation to my case, it is finding which of the items I have enumerated have more value and importance to me. One chapter in the text mentioned that new information can alter the decisions here. So far, the information I have about the area I might relocate to is only a vague perspective, and may still change given that I discover more about Florida. Furthermore, negotiations with the company can also alter the decision I have to make.

The new information could lead me to lean more of Florida or away from it. There is still much to learn before I am asked to choose.There is also the idea that despite the objective approach of listing the benefits and problems I may encounter with the relocation, the bottom line is that my decision will also rely on the subjective approach, which concerns my feelings. There is also the idea of Decision Trees. This means that one big trunk, the decision made, will result in different branches, which are the effects of the decision.

If ever I decide to transfer locations, I could change into a better or worse person, depending on the succeeding decisions I have to make. On the other hand, if I decide to stay in South Carolina, my life will continue as it was.But there could also be regrets. The reason behind making a decision is not only because we cannot take the best of both worlds, but because there is a certain level of uncertainty in relation to it. When I am the only one to be influenced by my choice, then the problem would be easy to solve.

Unfortunately, people around me will also be affected by my choice. There are external issues. In my case there are the neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers in the South Carolina office. Also, there is also the very agent that gave me the issue to decide on, and that is the company Walgreens.With the listed items, it became frustrating to decipher which is really the best option for me since staying or relocating give me both benefits and costs. I cannot just think of myself because there are other stakeholders, as listed above. But with the help of an analysis, the issue is given a black and white perspective without disregard for feelings and other subjective factors. With the decomposition of the issues to a breakdown of advantages and disadvantages, I am given a broader perspective of what I have put myself into, and how I should get out of it as well.

According the text, along with the decision making process, one is not asked to accept the risk. In my case, either side of the coin provides benefits and risks. The idea is not simply accepting. It also involves deciding on ways on how to alleviate these risks. As I have mentioned earlier, there is a certain level of fear of which hinders me from taking the relocation offer. With this fear and disadvantages I have listed, perhaps I am able to reframe this perspective so that it would not be a risk for me to take but an opportunity for my life and career choices.The uncertainty I feel towards the offer can be remedied by asking questions from my employer, or by doing research on my own. I must be able to affirm or deny certain points of fears I have.

Conclusion In the end, the decision I have to make regarding my problem can only be made when I have all the important information I need. I have to be careful, particularly in deciding for this concern, for it is truly life changing. Relocation from the country lifestyle I have been used to having to a fast paced city life is definitely a huge landmark in my life. For now, making the decision is put on hold.However, it was used in this paper for the benefit of academic realizations. In making decisions, it is important that all the details are listed, at least those that are most vital to making those decisions. As I have done, I listed the factors that would influence my decision. I wrote the advantages and disadvantages of either staying or leaving to grasp a broader perspective of the issue.

However, being objective is not the only process of making decisions. It is also important to put one’s feelings and thoughts into place. The option might be generally good, but what is true for one is not always true for all.Because one action may have different reactions, one decision can have numerous results. These results could either be for the good of the bad. This is why it is very important that all issues concerned should be well thought of before making the final choice.

Although time is not always the benefit one could get in making decisions, it is still important that it is not a hasty and presuming choice. It should be unselfish but never forgetting the self. Not all decisions are easy or hard to make, as I have discovered through this paper. But it is inevitable that one would decide what they would like to do with their lives.