In life, nothing is certain except for death. When God put a beginning on our life, He also places an end with it. There is a certainty that death will approach to all of us, what is uncertain is the time when it will come to us. Indeed the time of passing away is one of the unsure things in life. Death is always one of the themes in many literatures. Writers are captivated by its mysteriousness. Even Shakespeare exemplified his fascination about mortality in his longest play Hamlet.

The play emerged during the renaissance period, the time when the whole West Europe has just survived the outbreak of a disease called as “Great Plague”, a bacterial infection which kills the life of thousands of people in Europe and one of those who died in this epidemic was the only son of Shakespeare. This phenomenon might arouse his attraction to the per se occurrence of mans end. He doesn’t expect that he could loose a son at that early age, thus building his curiosity and imagination as regards to the nature of death.

Implied in the play were the uncertainty of death and the life after it. The lead character Hamlet frequently makes comments referring to every human body’s eventual decay. “O that this too solid flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into dew! ” (Mack, 1997). We can never avoid it, thus it will arrive in our most unforeseen time, with no exclusions of anyone. From the fact that death will come, Shakespeare might think that there could possibly life after it. The character of the ghost of Hamlet father in the story illustrates this belief of Shakespeare.

It’s just the body that has died but the spirit still there not totally parting with us; perhaps his longing for his sons is the factor for that thought. All of us have a destined stop. We are all leaving this world; it only vary with the time when it will come to each one of us, thus departing still remains secrecy that only God knows the explanation, in addition this mystery of life bestows prying to human to find for explanations that help us to accept this sad part of living, hence this could also be the basis of Shakespeare gazing upon his view about death. This tells us that we must be ready to face it.

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