Death penalty is a legal process in which a person who commits a crime that is so unconceivable is put to death by the state.

When we look at it at a certain point of view, we can see that the death penalty system in action can be used as a deterrent to society who might want to commit a crime. They use fear to control the society to stop them from committing heinous crimes. But on the other hand it can be used as an act of revenge or retribution Just to satisfy their need for Justice.It may have its dvantage and disadvantage but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The system is seriously flawed and the risk of convicting an innocent man to death is still possible, even with great technological advances it can’t guarantee that we can execute the right person. Suspects are being executed even though the evidences against them are not convincing.

In my opinion we can only execute a person if we are sure that they committed the crime but if there is a chance that he is innocent, that person should not be executed. death penalty By zetsumeil 3