Dear Dr. Sanchez:


I am writing this letter to express my
strong interest in the PGY1 Pharmacy Residency Program at Cambridge Health
Alliance.  I had the pleasure of speaking
with one of your current residents, Dr.
Angelika Lukasik, at the
2017 ASHP Residency Showcase and learned more about what the program
offers.  The variety of learning
opportunities available, along with the enthusiasm and professionalism with
which Dr. Lukasik spoke
to me about the program, and my interest in both acute and ambulatory care, all served to reinforce my
interest in pursuing the residency practice at Cambridge Health Alliance.


I firmly believe that the training I will
receive as part of your program will help me achieve my short and long-term
career aspirations, as I am interested in continuing to develop my clinical and
leadership skills in a teaching medical center. 
After completing the PGY1 pharmacy residency, I am interested in
continuing my professional preparation and pursue a PGY2 residency in
psychiatry.  As a long-term goal, I am
interested in securing a position as a clinical pharmacist in a teaching
hospital, where I will have the opportunity to collaborate closely as a member
of the inpatient and outpatient interdisciplinary team, improve the clinical
outcomes of patients with psychiatric disorders, and serve as a preceptor to
pharmacy students.


As I mentioned earlier, this residency
program offers a myriad of experiences and opportunities that are of particular
interest to me such as psychiatry, ambulatory care with an emphasis in
transitions of care, infectious diseases, and internal medicine.  Moreover, the affiliation with Harvard
Medical School, School of Public Health and School of Dental Medicine, and
Tufts University School of Medicine provides the institution a strong teaching
component, which is an area that I am passionate about.  On the other hand, the preceptor mentorship
offered in Cambridge Health Alliance is one of the components of this residency
program that attracts me the most.  What
I look for in a residency program is a challenging and supportive environment
and, after my conversation with Dr. Lukasik, the preceptors’ involvement with the
residents in relation to their continuous development as healthcare
professionals is evident. Cambridge Health Alliance promotes independent work,
which is an integral part of our development as pharmacists, and also provides
the necessary resources to improve each day, through periodic evaluations and
feedback.  Also, it encourages discussion
and learning through case conferences, inservices and research projects.  The program will definitely augment my
clinical, critical thinking and decision-making skills necessary to be an
exemplary clinical pharmacist.  

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I strongly believe I would be a great
addition to your program. As reflected in my CV, I have had a variety of
experiences in the academic scenario, leadership, research, and community
service, which represents a good balance. 
Moreover, I have a deep desire to contribute to the advancement and
continuous evolution of the pharmacy profession in Puerto Rico.  In this matter, having the opportunity to
attest such innovative clinical setting would expand my horizons and allow me
to attain the necessary expertise to improve the clinical practice in Puerto
Rico.  I believe that being a
hard-working individual who values justice, ethics, humility, teamwork and,
above all, initiative and leadership makes me a valuable asset to you


Thank you for considering my candidacy
for the PGY1 pharmacy residency at Cambridge Health Alliance. If you have any
questions or need additional information, do not hesitate to contact me at
[email protected] or (787) 454-1656.  


I'm Dora!

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