Nicolette Hughes Mrs. Gonet’ English IA Narrative October 28, 2013 A Day in a Hospital Bed Sometimes the things we cant change end up changing us. On October 16, I woke up to expect another day but, nothing went as planned. Before I know it, I was crawling into the nurse’s office, crying in unbearable sharp pain. My mom took me to Urgent Care but, the only thing Urgent Care could do was rushed me to the Emergency room. Once I got there, they put me on four different pain relievers. I could not feel my body and I really did not know what I was doing or saying at the time but, everyone there ot a kick out of it.

They found that my right ovary had a mass and was enlarged. There machines were not high-tech enough to see what was going on with my ovaries because most machines made for this situation were not made for girls my age. I was put on an ambulance to Dayton Children’s. When I arrived, most of the pain reliever had warned off. I was sent to the ultrasound room. I asked them how long this would take and they told me no longer than 15 minutes. Before I knew it, it had been an hour. They kept pushing down on the places that hurt like; my bladder and ovaries.

It elt like they were stabbing me and twisting the knife. I kept telling them that it hurt and they said Just a few more minutes but, those words did not ease the pain. Once they finished, they wheeled me back to my room with tears in my eyes. My mom and I both stared at each other. We were both very confused and puzzled because this all happened so quickly. My mom mumbled, “Maybe it’s Just your period, Niki. ” “Do you really think they would rush us here and take an hour on the ultrasound, if it was Just my period? ” I said with pain in my voice. “Niki, think positive, please,” She aid confidently.

I was shaking while waiting for someone to come in to tell me the results. I had never been in so much pain before and I hadn’t been in a hospital since I was born. The hospital room I was in gave me the creeps. The air was very cold on my dry skin and I could only taste my crack lips with the crisp air. The room was white and the only thing that stood out to me was the scared look on my mom’s face. I could only hear the pulse machine beep and my stomach growl, considering I hadn’t eaten that whole day. And all I remember thinking was what did I ever do to deserve this.

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I heard a knock on the door and my heart dropped. The results were in like the season finale of some big TV show. But, the thing that scared me about this was it wasn’t Just some TV show, it was my life. My mom looked at me strongly then said, “Come in. ” When the doctor came in, his bright smile gave me hope. He brought the life back into the stressed out room. “How are you feeling? ” He asked. “I’m feeling better, Just hungry. ” I said eagerly. “That’s good! We have the results back from your ultrasound. ” He reassured. “And what is it? ” Mom questioned. e not big enough for surgery so, you do not need to worry a lot about them yet. ” He took a deep breath then said, “The only thing we have to worry about is that the ovary flipped and that is what put you in so much pain. We have to monitor this and next time it happens, surgery will be needed or the right ovary will die. But, you are fine for right now and you are free to go home” The room became silent after the doctor. When you think of the many side effects of an ovary dying you become scared. After a few minutes of thought, we got ready to leave. I was still in pain but, I could not be here anymore.

The pain was on and off for the weeks, which was expected. I was directed to go to hormonal therapy which I still plan on doing. I couldn’t do gym for three weeks and needed lots of rest to renew my body which I hope will stay healthy for a very long time. I learned from this experience that some things are meant to happen. I went to the hospital thinking that I was going in for Just cramps and come out finding out that I probably have had cysts on my ovaries all my life and I Just now noticed. I cant really change anything that happened but, only learn from it.


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