According to Davis Sedaris’ “Diary of A Smoker,” he stands behind the belief that second hand smoke is overly exaggerated. He down plays the effect it has on others and even makes it a lesser evil to cigars and crack. Sedaris was a long time smoker, as was his mother. Sedaris mother was never without a cigarette in hand, and even after being diagnosed with cancer, she never quit smoking. Sedaris jokes that on Christmas, the Sedaris children would often play, “Find Mom, Find Mom’s Cigarettes. According to David ,every single picture ever taken of his mother showed a cigarette, no matter the activity. Even after his mom was diagnosed with cancer, it never occurred to anyone in the family that she might actually quit. There was no judgment, as Sedaris believes that each person has the right to choose his or her quality of life. Sharon was always fond of saying, “Sooner or later, something’s going to get you. ” Sedaris supports his claim mostly throught personal experiences.

When he sat at the park bench to smoke a cigarrete and read a book there was a lady that asked to keep the park bench a non smoking one. The first thing that he thought was that if they were in an elevator or locked in a trunk together, then what she was asking would be understandable. But no, she was sitting 12 feet away from him and more importantly, they were outdoors. So at that moment, he disliked her and her “Moses” shoes she had on. Sedaris uses more than one method of development. He gets very descriptive when he started to talk about the woman and how he hated her shoes.

He also uses emotional appeal to make it a point that he strongly feels that a person has the right to smoke whenever and wherever they like . What Sedaris was stating wasn’t very credible. He didn’t explore the opposing viewpoint to smoking and its second hand effects. Except when he heard the EPA report on second hand smoking. After listening to it, he felt the same way as he did when he listend to past EPA’s. Unfair. He hated it. Even after his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and after her death, all he had to express was that he hoped his mother enjoyed her last cigaratte.


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