I am a Student at Swansea met University. I made the decision to study at this University because the institution is a premier training center for Computer technologies. I intend to enroll on the Software Engineering program. Thus I formulate this paper, to review my scholastic mission and articulate the research project I wish to undertake while at Swansea. I believe that Data Storage applications will largely dictate the development of new technologies.

Hence, I intend to work on Data Analysis and Database design models respectively. This project aims at improving the versatility of Data ware houses by creation of friendly user interface that would analyze data much faster (Ogden & Goldberg, 2002). Discussion: Data analysis is an area of Database design that is largely ignored (Sommerville, 2004). Major hardware companies have concentrated on making powerful hardware machine for data processing but there hasn’t been a corresponding effort on the software side.

Thus, powerful machine are in the market that are not utilized to their full capacities. The project I propose to undertake will look into ways of enhancing computing power of these machines. Systems such as Solaris run on dynamic platforms that have a much greater computing potential than is actually realized by the end users. So as to enhance Data analysis, I intend to run the computing infrastructure on the web. This will enable different users to access the data from remote locations.

The project will also look into ways of improving the performance of the central processing units of Data server machines. The model I propose will be on an open platform such as the Linux Mandriva operating system. With an open project, I intend to realize be faster development of much stable software, which will be thoroughly tested before it can be released. The scope of this project will cater for all types of machines that run Data Analyses; from personal computers to mainframes (Inverardi & Jazayeri, 2006).

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Conclusion To say that this project is ambitious would be an understatement. However, I will put all my mind and effort into it. That is all that is required of me. Being a part of this esteemed institution, I am certain that I have chosen the right place to train. I believe that successful completion of a project of this magnitude will enhance chances of securing a good job. Further, the practical skills obtained will enhance my credentials as a software engineer.


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