Darwin essay


       Many aspects
of Darwin’s life influenced his ideas of evolution. Religion was a huge debate
and discussion at the time, and very relevant to what Darwin claimed he knew. I
believe that this was a huge influence to him because he was more inspired to
find out the real reasons behind life instead of believing what everyone else
said, which was that God had created it and we don’t question God. He knew he
was on to something and was curious so he continued to explore it despite the
“consequences” people said he would endure for searching out these answers. I
believe that religion influenced his inspiration to research, but also
influenced him to continually steer away from publishing his results. He did
not want to upset his wife or the general society with what he had discovered
because they went against what they knew in their religious beliefs. These
circumstances held him back for an extremely long time and influenced him in a
more negative way.

event that influenced how Darwin developed his ideas was when his young
daughter, Annie Darwin, passed away. This, in turn, also had an effect on his
religious beliefs. After Annie died, Darwin began to realize that Christianity
was not the reason for everything in creation and even decided that he would
not face consequences or reprimand for his beliefs. This new development in his
religion was the groundwork for Darwin to continue his works and increasingly,
grow self-confidence, that allowed him to create even more views on evolution.
This event in Darwin’s life was highly important because it changed his beliefs
in both science and religion forever.


Darwin’s ideas are still at
use in the scientific community today in subjects ranging from issues of HIV to
understanding how our eyes work. Many doctors and scientists researching HIV
have caught on to processes using natural selection specifically. The struggle
of these doctors nowadays is that they will give patients a new medicine to
help their symptoms, but the cells will adapt and become immune so quickly that
the medicine no longer works. This is done because of natural selection, or
when one of the cells acquires a genetic mutation that makes it immune to the effects
of the drug and translates the trait to the next generations.  Recently, however, a method that works under
certain situations has been discovered. The procedure for this method is extremely
simple, but the way it works is fascinating. When a patient is taken off the
medicine, natural selection actually shows that the irregular version of the
cells, or the cells without the trait that allows them to survive the drugs, is
more “fit” to live in the new habitat where there are no drugs or medicines
present. These cells then continue to survive and spread their traits to the
next generations, creating more cells that do not have the trait . After a
while, there are more cells without the trait then those that have it. The
doctors then reintroduce the drugs and more cells get killed then before, which
is extremely helpful to the patients. Another example of Darwin’s ideas in the modern
world is the study of the evolution of the eye, and we are continuing to
understand his theory that the eye has evolved and wasn’t just directly given by
God. In Darwin’s time, people believed that if there was no discovered explanation
for something, it had to be given by God. However, Darwin’s explained that
organs like the eye actually evolved to their point of function now. Scientists
have discovered that the eyes of animals actually used to be very simple
devices that caught light to create vision. Somewhere along the line, animals received
a trait that created a clear covering over the eye that helps with absorbing
light and passed it down through natural selection. After that, we have been
continuing to obtain traits through genetic mutations that give us better
traits or help us and passing them down through evolution. Scientists and
doctors are still trying to understand exactly what traits have been passed
down, but Darwin’s idea of the evolution of the eye is true.

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