DANGEROUS INTERNET SOURCES & YOUNG THAI PEOPLE The internet harasses young Thai people if they use it in the wrong ways By Meenna Dechsongsak T he internet is source of a lot of information, and it is used to communicate worldwide. The internet is a useful activity, but it still has many bad effects. Information, which is accessible on the internet, is used for criminal activities. These include the availability of sexually explicit material, the use of the internet to distribute child about pornography, and the insecurity of private communications.

These activities are difficult to control, and the crimes of the internet are extremely dangerous for young Thai people. When many people mention the dangers of the internet use, they may find many problems also. Nowadays, in Thailand, there are a lot of the internet cafes, and owners do not limit the time of their cafes to children. It makes young people’s parents realize the dangers of the internet which may occur in many forms. The first one is pictures which are unsuitable to children such as erotic websites, violent websites, websites that mention about drugs and websites that persuade children to do bad things.

Turk: 5114400232 Feature Article Assignment English in Media class Children are using the internet and playing online games in the internet cafes These websites may influence children’s thoughts, and change their behaviors in the future. The second one is about children’s health. Nowadays, children use most of their time on the internet. It not only affects their health, but it also destroys the relationship among the family members. One of the efforts to obstruct the dangers which may occur to children is to create laws for controlling the use of the internet.

However, it is difficult to arrest the people who do something wrong with the internet because involved officers do not know where they are. They may use servers from other countries. The laws are not strong to control or obstruct the dangers of internet use. Parents are the important factor to take good care of their children. They may tell their children that: do not chat, do not give important information to strange people, and do not go to see strange people outside. These things are important to stop and take care of children because most children have never used the internet.

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They easily trust everything in the partner who they communicate with. Wanpipa Dokbua, a fourth year student of Rajapath Pranakorn Technology University, discussed many risks on the internet that even though it is useful, on the other hand, it always has risks when children use it. There are four types of internet risk. Firstly, when children visit some websites, they may see inappropriate things, for example, persuasive ads, violent messages in websites, and sexual stories. Secondly, the internet is unsafe for children. When they chat to strange people, they may lose important information about themselves.

Another point is that strange people may persuade to see them outside, and then crimes may occur to them. Thirdly, the internet provides a lot of information about drugs. Children may find them easily. Lastly, some websites are about gambling. Sometimes, children may play for fun. The dangers and risks parents can be controlled easily if they take a good care of their children and suggest what is good and bad to the children. Parents do not forbid their children to use the internet because the internet is a good source to learn. Parents should teach their children to manage their time on the internet.


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