It was a horrendously dark stormy night, while my friends and I were flying a helicopter through the thick, dense woods back to our base. Suddenly we were caught by flashes of thunder and lightning which broke the helicopters wing and resulted in a crash landing injuring us all. There were three of us and we were all well trained commandos from the U. S Army. We were on a mission to Scotland as part of our training. My name is Tony Price and I worked as a detective in the army.

My companions were George Milan and Mark Hill, George was a thirty year old archeologist, six feet in height, red tormented haired, blue sinister eyes and he was the cleverest among us. Mark was just the opposite. He was a well experienced recruitment officer in the army, five feet in height, with smooth black shining hair and kind eyes. He was also the most fearless, boldest and bravest person between us. Upon my awakening, my first sighting was a grave stone with blood and scratch marks smeared all over it, which horrified me.

I stood up slowly and painfully because I was badly bruised. I was shocked by the state of my body as I had never been this bloody before. It looked like there would not be any kind of treatment for miles around and the whole place looked abandoned. I felt extremely scared, my heart pumped faster and the hairs stood up with fear on the back of my neck. I looked around and there was green moss and fungi spread like a carpet for miles around. There was deadly silence and an odour of dead bodies.

My head was spinning, my eyes were sore, my hair was slowly falling out and my skin was peeling off, I could not bear the madness and insufferable condition that I was in. After several hours of searching through this vast, fearful, abandoned forest I found George in the worst state that I could possibly imagine. George, too was badly bruised with cuts and scratches on his face and body. George had been unconscious for a long time. He was lying under a castle door, which could have come down and crushed him at any time. I quickly moved him away.

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When he finally awakened we searched for our third companion Mark. After searching for about another hour we found Mark with a tree branch across his chest and beetles crawling all over his face. He was awakened by the noise of our arrival upon which he immediately took out his knife, thinking that we were wild animals of some kind, but we assured him that it was only us. We tried to rescue him from under the branch but to our amazement the more we tried the more the branch pinned him to the ground. We were stunned and then suddenly the roots from the tree gripped George’s ankle pinning him to the ground too.

Thinking quickly I grabbed the knife and managed to rescue both of them. By this time the sun had set and we were in pitch blackness. We sat down for a while to recover and were horrified by these mysterious happening. We had completely lost our bearings and did not know where we were. The trees looked very sinister and the smell of dampness was all around us. Erie wailing sounds could be heard and in the far distance howling and screaming of perhaps wild animals, humans or possibly little children with shrieking, shrilly voices.

As our eyes became accustomed to the darkness, we were petrified to see demons rising up from the ground with hideous faces and performing a ritual dance around a torso. My friends were gripped with fear and were suffering in agony the pain going through their bodies. My head too was spinning, but I knew that we had to escape from this devilish, hellish place before the horror and gloom of this very dark night swallows us in it’s darkness. Our army training skills came in handy to crawl and slither among the trees towards a faint flickering light in the far, far distance.

We had managed to crawl our way past the demons without disturbing them and we dared not walk for the fear of being caught by these evil, in-human figures. We eventually reached an old war torn ruined castle and gasped a sigh of relief, but this was only short lived because as I turned my head, I saw rows and rows of ruined half dug graves. Some of the head stones of the graves had strange barbaric features and decorative letters which were styled as half demons and half humans with blood oozing from their eyes.

There was dim, hazy blue-light flickering over the graves which was being reflected from the broken stain-glass windows of the castle. We encouraged each-other that we have to last out until the morning, so we decided to rest inside the castle. As we entered the castle through these huge decaying iron gates we came into a hall with tall pillars, high carved ceilings and pointed arches. There was much decorative carvings of sinister beings and horrible barbaric features on the arches. We were too petrified to wait in the hall any longer so we rushed into the bedroom.

We rushed into the bedroom, which was completely opposite to the entrance hall. The ceiling was very low and it was dimly lit with lanterns. We had to half crouch to walk into it. There was a red blood stained carpets in the centre of the room. The rest of the floor was very cold and chilling to sit on. As there was no other furniture in the room, we had to sit on the carpet. To our utter dismay, the stains on the carpet kept on moving, forming evil eyes and hideous faces. This was utter madness. We decided to move to another room.

We opened a door across the landing which was a much smaller room, but it’s walls had been sprayed with blood as if someone had been hacked to death there. There were deafening screams and howls of merry laughter. Shaking with fear we walked out shutting the door behind us. We could still hear sobbing as we fled down-stairs. Once in the main room again, we stood by the fire place, thinking if we will survive this nightmare. As I laid my hands on the mantel piece, the fire place swung us to the other side where there was a dead skeleton hanging with a note marked in blood.


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