D-Day is even a memorial there now). D-day

D-Day or the beginning of the end of war in Europe was one of the most brutal but good days in WWII causing more american deaths than in any other battle in the war (and there is even a memorial there now). D-day is a day that the operation that was being planned is put to the test. D-Day was planned, The U.S worked with Britain, and Canada on this “brilliant” idea to take back the beaches of France after it was invaded by Germany. The name of this dangerous but “brilliant” operation was operation overlord. The battle began on june 6, 1944 and ended by the end of august in 1944. The three allies now defeated German defences on this massive marine war and taken over the beach. This was a big hit for German forces considering this was one of their biggest battles where they lost over 200,000 soldiers and lost one of their biggest and best army bases. After WWII began Germany invaded Northwestern France and did a number while at it, they mowed down and killed 58,000 French soldiers in the invasion alone and ended up killing around 580,000 french soldiers in total throughout the war. The germans were not the only ones to do damage though. 425,000 allied and German soldiers were killed all together and taking into consideration it was three nations verse one so over 125,000 German soldiers were killed in the battle of Normandy. This plan to attack the North beaches of France was carried out by General Dwight Eisenhower who was around fifty at the time of the war. This man was very smart, and decided to do many deception attacks in a place called Pas-de-Calais (The thinnest point between France and Britain) to make it seem like that was their goal. This plan work but was almost sabotaged by spies, due to their being spies this flawless plan became not so flawless and Hitler was warned about a potential attach the the Northeastern beaches of France. After being warned Hitler decided to put army general Erwin Rommel in charge of “spearheading” (lead a counter attack, or defence). On the day June 6, 1944 the invasion began, General Eisenhower had to postpone the original day 24 hours (June 5, 1944) due to weather being bad. By dawn this day thousand of allied troops were surrounding the German soldiers, all of the exit roads and bridges had been blocked beforehand so there was no escaping, or reinforcements coming. At 6:30 A.M. the allied nations invaded, and took over the beach a weak later r blood and sweat. The allied nations did a lot better than the Germans casualty wise, with a loss of only 4000. The Americans did good but not good enough with a whopping 2000 casualties,but there were thousands of other soldiers missing or wounded. The war ended on June 11, 1944 with the beaches secured y over 300,000 troops, 50,000 vehicles, and 100,000 tons of equipment.