Stage 2 English Communications Exposition ‘Cyberspace is a Dangerous Place’ Cyberspace also known as the internet is a place where everyone likes to go to relax, research on certain topics, chat to friends that live far away, arrange parties etc…But what most people don’t know is this wonderful place can be a very dangerous place for example being on the internet can be very harmful to your computer due to viruses trying to leak themselves into your computer, a few other reasons are that you can be scammed easily due to fraudulent websites that require you to enter your bank card details before you get to visit the site itself, online predators, and the most important topic for dangers in cyberspace is cyber bullying. What is Cyber Bullying? Bill Belsey the president of Bullying. rg, the world’s most visited and referenced Website about bullying describes that “Cyber bullying “involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others.

”[1] This quote basically means cyber bullying is just like normal bullying just on the internet and this means that the bullying can be more publicised and more painful to the feelings of the person being bullied because they may have rumours being spread not just around their school but the whole world.Examples of cyber bullying are abusive text messages, abusive emails, abusive pictures drawn and posted for the world to see on the internet, posting photos of someone against their own free will onto the world wide web, abusive phone calls, slandering people on the internet and the list goes on. But is all of cyberspace can’t be such a bad place because bullying still exists in our normal day to day society but yet we still find ways to enjoy ourselves.So how can cyberspace be a safe and useful place? After researching into the answer for my question I found an interesting webpage that quotes “when you’re moving through cyberspace, you need to stay safe. Words – 400 http://www. google.

com. au/#hl=en;rlz=1R2ADFA_enAU368;biw=1259;bih=851;q=what+is+cyberbullying;aq=0;aqi=g10;aql=;oq=what+is+cyber;fp=9766b36986326989 [1] http://kidshealth. org/kid/watch/house/internet_safety. html[2]