Security is the protection of any device that involves a computer system, from
the interruption of operation and service by theft and damage to the hardware,
software or data information. The industry is vulnerable to a vast range of
risks that originate from hazardous cyber and physical threats. Every day,
malicious individuals with honed skills exploit vulnerabilities in whatever
ways possible, disrupting companies’ operations and services to steal important
information that are leveraged for financial gains. Unfortunately, the industry
is still new and is facing multitudes of problems amongst which include, cyber
phishing. Cyber phishing, a major source of ransomware in the federal
government is prevented by data lost prevention, reduce the employment shortage
in the industry and corporate employees on the matter.

to the article Serious shortages in federal Cybersecurity Workforce in the PA
Times, the fast growing and promising industry of cybersecurity is confronted
with a big dilemma as there is a shortage of skilled cyber professionals within
the said workforce that pauses a threat to our national security. Barak Obama,
the U.S. president back in 2009, declared cybersecurity to be one of the most
economic and national security challenges we faced as a nation. The article
sees the root of the problem to be the lack of strategic approach in seeking
cybersecurity talent, mainly due to fragmentation and uncoordinated leadership
and broken, complicated hiring process that makes it hard to meet agencies
requirements and needs. The workforce shortage in fact is a vulnerability that
makes it possible for hackers to pause a threat to computer systems.    

shortage of skilled professionals in the industry renders fight against hacker
very difficult. That challenge has led the government, schools, and companies
to think outside the box in efforts to bring on new talent which led to top
officials from the Department of Homeland Security to travel to  hacker
conferences such as Black Hat and DEF CON to recruit talent (Jack, 2015 Para 1).
Jack states that there are three things that could be done to better that
issue. Creativity, industry partnerships and Trust is essential. Creating fun
challenges and programs in school that gives students the opportunity to engage
in different competition, encouraging students to  engage in activities that are considered
mischievous such as browsing and looking around the deep web. Having companies
in the industry sign partnerships with schools that will enable new graduates
to be recruited and trained is also another important step in resolving the
ongoing issue. Jack also states that trust is really important in our industry
because it is quite often hard for corporates to hire people as they have to go
through strenuous series of background checks. “To
build trust, Ben Scribner, director of the Department of Homeland Security’s
National Cybersecurity Professionalization
and Workforce Development
program, said both the government and contractors need to engage with
tech-savvy youngsters before they’re drawn into black hat hacker communities”
(Jack, 2015 Para 8).     

the battle in data lost prevention has seen an increase in the number of
Ransomware attacks. Ransomware is type of
malware that prevents or limits users from accessing their system. This is done
by locking the user’ system screen, keeping them out of their files or taking
the entire files and not releasing them unless a ransom is paid. Ransomware
is reported now as hacker’s favorite tool to make money in cybercrime (How
organizations, 2017 Para 1). Because holding files for ransom is fast, low risk
and easily profitable financial wise especially with the recent surge of
cryptocurrency that makes it possible for the transactions not to be traceable.
This has resulted in the growth of attacks targeting businesses. There are many
methods of ransomware delivery amongst which include: viruses, Trojans and
worms. Lately there has been the WannaCry worm, which travels automatically
between computers without requiring any human assistance. Having cited the
different way of Ransomware delivery, the more tradition and typical method of
delivery is using Trojans that deceives users to download it when it comes as
attachments in their email looking very similar to legitimate files. That
method is more commonly know as Phishing.  

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is a type of cyber-attack in which the main weapon are disguised emails that
are used to trick users. This method is one of the oldest in the books and
dates back to the 1990s (Josh, 2017 Para 1). Although it is one of the oldest,
it’s still the most widespread method just like stated in the previous
paragraph. Just as it sounds like the actual from of “fishing” the analogy is
to cast a baited fishing line (in this case a phishing email) and hoping that
the end user or the recipient at the other end of the email will bite.

a phishing operation, the attackers will pretend to be a legitimate entity or
organization such as a bank, utility company, sending a message pertaining to
something that the user wants or need. This will required them to click on a
link or to download an attachment that turns out to be malicious. Now most
people will tend to say that this will not work on them. The reason why this
actually works is because the message often is from a real or possibly real
person that is somehow associated to the user. It may be someone they work
with, or someone have done business. When talking about phishing, there are a
range of techniques that fall under that category but usually they are broken
down to two things. The attackers usually either wants the user to hand over
sensitive information or download malware. Although phishing seems to be very
tricky, there are ways and different studies that have been done on how to
prevent it.

on phishing is the best preventive method. 


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