Customer Service

One goal of any company is to achieve a full recognition from its clients apart from just earning profits. This recognition, be it for quality products or services, will allow the organization to sustain long term operations which will then equate to higher investment returns. Such a principle is being currently employed in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel where quality of service comes as the most essential priority in its day to day operations. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s practice in organizing its employees according to the business operation standards has the most effective way of increasing its market reputation.

It is a very good move for the company to train the staff at the very beginning of the hiring process up to its realized daily operations. The company’s style in identifying first the pool of talent from the level of hiring is one key feature which enables it to filter immediately the personnel which will match to its standards. This happens at the start of the recruitment procedure. Another notable approach of the company is the direct communication of the administration to all of the employees.

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This makes it a very attractive approach for the employees to do their best since they feel that they are really a part of the whole organization rather than just a ranked and filed entity of capitalism. Moreover, the company has a very good structure of rewarding its personnel especially those who meet the performance metrics of the Hotel. Giving recognitions and providing complimentary tokens of appreciation such as hotel accommodations and other gifts could provide a sort of fulfillment on the part of the personnel. This makes them more attached to the company physically and emotionally.

Comparing the Ritz-Carlton’s structure with a personal experience in an IT sales company, the former has a more rigorous approach in standardizing the way employees perform according to company objectives. Ritz-Carlton knows very well the essence of having a staff that will cater directly to the needs of the clients on a personal correspondence. On the other hand, the IT sales company also has this organizational structure but more inclined to training sales agents based on specific groups of clients. Therefore, the relay of information about quality metrics are more customized.

But then again, the two companies are similar in a way that customer satisfaction comes as the first priority over profitability. This may come from the notion that both will not survive in the business without a steady group of clients in the market. And to achieve this status, direct customer service is considered to be an essential matter. The main benefit of having a stable client base structure is that both can sustain profitability mainly due to a harmonized organizational goal which every personnel could follow.

On a personal note, it seems that customer service is somehow declining among companies. There have been so many issues among well-known companies about how they handle customers especially in after-sales concerns. Most businesses will not even invest in customer service structuring as long as they acquire a large sum of profitability measures based on how they perceive the market. What they do not know is that satisfying the customers is the best form of investment which will generate long term profitability and residue income.

As a suggestion, companies should steadily create programs which will strengthen their employees’ characters towards satisfying the needs of each and every client. Training the personnel to have good inter-personal, communication and sales skills should be an all-in-one approach that each member of the organization be required to have. A very good customer service is to know first the customer, his situation, his needs and vision in availing the product or service of a company (Baker communications, 2002). Businesses can start training their personnel to target these goals of customer benefit orientations.