Customarily, the subject of ethical principles was
very noteworthy and numerous philosophers investigated the idea of ethical
principles and its usefulness. Subsequently, perspectives of philosophers on
the idea of ethical principles and its fundamental nature differ reliably.
Today, it is conceivable to talk a wide range of ways to deal with ethical
principles and morals. In such manner, the idea of ethical relativism is
especially significant, particularly with regards to the procedure of globalization,
which influences economic as well as social existence of the world. In fact,
the ethical relativism and the normative hypothesis of ethical relativism
challenge the present pattern to globalization and blending of social and moral
values that prompts the westernization of our ever changing work and its moral
values (Esikot, et al). In such a circumstance, it is essential to comprehend
the degree to which ethical relativism is pertinent in our today’s society,
however it is apparent that ethical relativism merits inquiring about in light
of the fact that this philosophical approach can clarify existing differences between
individuals in their moral and ethical perspectives.

Above all else, it is important to stay upon the fundamental
nature of ethical relativism and the normative hypothesis of ethics. In fact,
ethical relativism remains on the ground that ethical principles and moral
values are relative and differ contingent upon the social condition in which
they are connected (Asobie, et al). At the end of the day, moral values and
ethical principles are reliant on culture in which they are connected.
Subsequently, each culture or society can have its own arrangement of ethical
and moral principles. In such a circumstance, the contrast amongst moral and ethical
principles and standards can be striking since moral and ethical principles can
be satisfactory for one culture and unsatisfactory for others. The point of fundamental
idea of ethical relativism that ethical principles are relative puts under a
danger the very idea of morality.

In the meantime, supporters of the possibility of ethical
relativism contend that there are considerable contrasts in moral and moral
standards of various societies (Asobie, et al). For example, representatives of
oriental societies are disposed to collectivism and are prepared to forfeit
their prosperity for the group that is thought to be morally right. A distinct
difference is seen in western culture; which advances independence that puts a
person over the general public. In such a circumstance, the disregard of needs of
a person for society is totally unethical for western culture, yet it is a
standard for oriental societies. Truth be told, supporters of ethical
relativism can draw a great deal of comparative cases which keep up the possibility
of relativity of moral and ethical principles relying upon the social

On the contrary, ethical relativism does not mull
over the likelihood of ethical inconsistencies inside one and a similar
society. For example, clearly moral and ethical standards and qualities can and
do change throughout time. Therefore, cultural dissimilarity is not really the
principle factor that characterizes the distinction in moral and ethical
principles of specific communities. Clearly, ethical relativism can’t
sufficiently clarify contrast in moral and moral esteems inside one and a
similar society, which are obvious and indisputable (Asobie, et al). In the
meantime, the lack of ability for ethical relativism to clarify distinction in
moral and ethical principles inside one and a similar culture put under an
inquiry the legitimacy of the entire theory. In conclusion, it is conceivable
to reason that ethical relativism and the normative theory of ethics challenge
to embrace the possibility of cultural diversity and dissimilarity of moral and
ethical principles reliant upon the cultural environment.

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